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Shea butter wonder drug: the amazing effect for skin and hair

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It's time to do something good for yourself again - be it after a stressful day at work, a strenuous sports program or simply to escape everyday life for a moment. Shea butter gives you silky smooth skin. It helps you to relax, to increase your well-being and at the same time to promote your health. You will be amazed at the healing properties of shea butter. Discover the special effects of shea butter on skin, hair, lips and health.

In addition to argan oil, coconut oil and the like, shea butter is a natural product that can be used for hair and skin care, among other things. The first skin care products originally came from nature. All-natural vegetable oils which, with their valuable ingredients, nourish, soothe and smooth the various skin types. Pure shea butter can do a lot more. Shea butter is also used as body butter or as a component of hair treatment, lip balm and face cream. The natural product gives dry facial skin, cracked nails or brittle hair again moisture and a new shine. You can now find out what the beauty product can still do from shea nuts and what uses it is suitable for.

What is shea butter and how is shea butter made?

Shea butter is obtained from the fruits of the shea tree, which grows mainly in Africa in the Sudan zone. The fruits of the tree belong to the berry family. They are edible and have a sweet taste. In the green fruit there is a core, the shea nut, from which the pure shea butter is obtained. The shea nuts are peeled and ground in a mortar until a brown mass is formed, which is then poured over with hot water. When the mass is kneaded, the fat separates and floats to the surface of the water. The fat that has been skimmed off and cooled is the shea butter.

Further information on the origin and production of shea butter can be found here.

Can you eat shea butter?

Natural unrefined shea butter is edible, as is the fruit of the shea tree from which it is extracted - and is often used in the manufacture of chocolate. It is also used as an edible fat in many African dishes. We use shea butter, with its particularly valuable ingredients, primarily as a care and healing agent.

How was the effects of shea butter on skin, hair and health discovered?

Shea butter has been used as a cream, ointment, and remedy in Africa for centuries. Natural shea butter usually lasts for many years and is yellow in color. If the color of the shea butter is white, you can tell when you buy it that it has been processed and refined. The Shea butter smell is slightly nutty, sweet and velvety.

The ingredients that are decisive for the effect of the shea butter are very extensive. The healing and nourishing effect of shea butter for skin, hair and complaints such as joint pain, rheumatism and eczema has already been proven in scientific studies.

Which ingredients make shea butter a miracle cure?

Shea butter is stuck full of vitamins and minerals. But that alone doesn't make it an exceptional skin care product. Only the composition of other ingredients makes it a particularly noteworthy cosmetic with healing properties. Shea butter is particularly rich in oleic acids such as palmitic acid, linoleic acid and stearic acid. They provide insulating protection against environmental influences, bind moisture, have a cell-regenerating effect and last the skin soft and supple. Hardly any other oil contains such a high proportion of unsaponifiable components such as triterpenes, triterpene alcohols, vitamin E, beta carotene, allantoin and oleic acids.

The following ingredients have been identified by experts as particularly relevant for the effects of shea butter:

  • Vitamin E.: Antioxidant, protects against free radicals, slows down the aging of cells

  • Beta carotene: Antioxidant, protects against heart disease, controls reactions of the immune system

  • Omega 3 fatty acids: prevents heart disease, normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol levels, relieves joint pain

  • Allantoin: anti-inflammatory, supports wound healing

  • Oleic acids (e.g. linoleic acid): unsaturated fatty acids, maintain the natural skin barrier / protective acid mantle of the skin, anti-inflammatory

  • Triterpenes: anti-inflammatory, protects the liver, protects against thrombosis, regenerates the nerves

  • Triterpene alcohol: decongestant, antibacterial, antispasmodic

The extraordinary composition of the mentioned and many other valuable active ingredients is the secret of the healing and caring effect of shea butter as a miracle cure. As natural skin care, without any additives, it is therefore recommended for every skin type. Tip: When you buy shea butter, you should make sure that you choose unrefined shea butter, which is free from additives.

Possible uses of shea butter

Due to the mentioned active ingredients without side effects, shea butter is available in the form of creams and ointments Care for the whole body suitable. In the following we would like to introduce you to some possible uses of shea butter.

This is how shea butter works as an anti-aging agent

Shea butter is an effective natural product in anti-aging care

Regular use of shea butter promotes blood circulation in the skin and thus ensures that the valuable ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. There they can develop their full potential. That leads to one improving complexion, supplies the skin with moisture and softens wrinklesoften caused by dry skin. The ingredients vitamin E and beta carotene protect as natural antioxidants additionally against free radicals that would damage your skin cells and cause them to age.

Is shea butter good for the face?

To use the Shea butter on the face you can use it pure or mix it to a cream in combination with a day care product. It is sufficient to apply the care once in the morning, as it cannot be saponified - once applied and absorbed into the skin, shea butter forms a protective coat that is not washed off with soap.

In Africa, the natural cream has been used successfully since time immemorial Protection from sun and wind used. Spread thinly over the whole body once a day, the skin feels pleasantly silky soft and cared for all day.

Effect of shea butter as a remedy

Shea butter protects the skin not only from drought and cracked areas, it also contributes to Regeneration and healing at. For example, it can be used for Treatment of scars and sunburn be used. Your anti-inflammatory effect helps with eczema and neurodermatitis as well against joint pain and rheumatism. Applied regularly to the aching joints, it can significantly reduce the inflammation of the joints and also make them go away completely.

The effect of Shea butter for allergies relieve any discomfort. As early as 1975, a study in Nigeria found a decongestant effect on the mucous membranes in the nasal area. In some test subjects, the allergy symptoms even disappeared completely after long-term regular use.

Even a positive effect on the Fight against tumor cells Shea butter was found in a study in Japan at the College of Science and Technology in Tokyo.

Effect of shea butter as lip care

Shea butter cares for the lips as a natural lip balm and protects it from external influences such as cold or dry air. At the same time, it gives your lips a natural shine.

This is how shea butter works for the hair and scalp

At dry hair and split ends even a small amount of shea butter, which is massaged into the ends of the hair, helps. She gives the hair humidity and your `s shine back.

For more intensive care, distribute the shea butter all over your hair and leave it on overnight. After shampooing the following morning, your hair is well-groomed and feels soft and supple. For a short hair treatment, simply leave the shea butter on for 20 to 30 minutes. The effect will be much more intense overnight, however.

Also against dandruff and dry scalp Shea butter works wonders. Massage directly onto the scalp, leave on overnight and wash off the next morning - the scalp is supplied with moisture and the itching mitigated. You can already feel the difference after the first application.

The list goes on and on for a long time. Studies still show a decongestant effect of mucous membranes in the case of colds, as well as a clear improvement in skin diseases in animals. Dog owners know about the healing and shielding effect on winter-plagued paws from ice, snow and road salt. Shea butter is very economical. Even small amounts are enough to rub the whole body with it. Shea butter is also extremely rich. It is therefore important to know that the skin should feel velvety rather than greasy after use. Then the amount used is just right.

In this way, you can produce other natural cosmetics yourself using simple recipes and free of additives.

Our conclusion: With shea butter, you don't just take care of your skin, hair and lips. The valuable active ingredients in shea butter penetrate deep into the skin and unfold their effects throughout the body. Shea butter protects against external influences and prevents inflammation. At the same time, the wonder drug strengthens the immune system, fights allergies and can even help with diseases such as rheumatism, eczema and neurodermatitis. Do something good for yourself and use shea butter, one of the most precious natural products.

Author Jasmine Barendt Travel surrounded by nature - there is almost nothing better for her

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