Which martial art causes the most pain

The health practice in the Taekwon-Do Center Terranova

I combined my passion to teach Taekwon-Do with training as a sports and movement therapist, as well as additional training in pain therapy according to Liebscher & Bracht. This enables me to help my students and clients to achieve relief or freedom from pain in relatively few sessions.

How most pain arises:

Most pain is caused by an imbalance in muscle tension. A vicious circle begins with pain and the associated relieving posture. We move less, the pain increases, we move even less, the pain gets stronger ...

Incorrectly programmed and / or shortened muscles, fasciae and connective tissue, mostly caused by our way of life, sometimes also by an accident or careless movement, cause damage to joints or the organism if they are not corrected.

To prevent this from happening, the body sends out alarm pain and thereby usually achieves a change in posture that causes additional pain. It sometimes takes weeks or months to correct this wrong attitude. This period of time can be greatly reduced by osteopressure. It causes the muscles that are causing the pain to relax via a circuit in the brain and stop the pain. Osteopressure can provide a great remedy for pain due to shortened muscles caused by one-sided posture such as sitting activities, lying in bed with your legs drawn up, watching TV while sitting, one-sided sports and much more.

After that, it is necessary that special movement exercises are carried out.