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The most beautiful pictures 1st half of 2017

We traveled a lot in the first half of 2017: our highlight was the expedition sea voyage from Norway via Iceland to Greenland in June. But we also really enjoyed the Portuguese Azores island of Sao Miguel in January and our Florida / Caribbean trip in March. Oh, traveling is always nice!

As always, we took way too many photos on our travels. The photo parade by Michael from Explore the World came at just the right time. The photo parade revolves around the most beautiful photos from the 1st half of 2017.


Michael has come up with the following 6 categories for his photo parade:

  • unusual
  • relaxed
  • remote
  • illuminated
  • old
  • most beautiful photo

Of course, we have also considered a few additional categories for our favorite animal photos from the first half of the year.


This category is easy. We are only just back from our Greenland trip a few days ago. There we saw a tiny fraction of the Greenland ice cap on the Reindeer Glacier near Kangerlussuaq. The ice sheet stretches for an incredible 1.7 million square kilometers and covers more than 80% of the land area of ​​Greenland. Absolutely unique! And unusual anyway.


We immediately think of the cute manatees in Florida. The manatees float relaxed through the water in slow motion and radiate a lot of calm, peace and cosiness. Stress seems to be a foreign word to them.


The Beerenberg is the northernmost active volcano on earth, located above sea level. It is located on the remote island of Jan Mayen in the middle of the North Atlantic. From a distance you can see the snow-capped mountain, which is over 2,200 meters high, protruding from the water. We were lucky enough to be able to go ashore on Jan Mayen and take a closer look at the large Beerenberg.


Ever since our first Greenland trip, we have been completely fascinated by ice in all its variations: dense pack ice belts, turquoise-blue shining ice floes or huge icebergs. On this trip we saw ice floes on the way to Quassiarsuk that were bathed in a golden light by the morning sun. A magical moment!


For the “old” category, we chose the lighthouse at Cape Ponta do Arnel on São Miguel. A steep cul-de-sac takes you from the main road to the small old fishing port. And you pass this great lighthouse halfway through. Anyway, you can go hiking on the Azores island.

Most beautiful photo

We were completely fascinated by the boat cruise through the huge icebergs that the Kangia ice fjord next to the town of Ilulissat spits out. Despite the bad weather, the reflection of the icy giants is simply spectacular. Or what do you mean?


We saw loads of great puffins on the Icelandic island of Grimsey. With their colorful beak, they are not only beautiful, but also totally funny. Especially when they start to land with their red feet kicking in the air.


We have adopted this category from Michael's additional categories. It fits in perfectly with our most beautiful whale encounter in the first half of 2017: Orcas off the coast of the Norwegian Vesteralen. A group of the pretty killer whales dived back and forth next to our boat for quite a while. An absolutely fantastic experience!


In Greenland, of course, we also visited the Greenland dogs. They are the only permitted breed of dog in Greenland north of the Arctic Circle. The puppies are just super cute. And they have totally fluffy fur. The cuddle test proved it.


The blue iguanas are only found in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, they are threatened with extinction. Fortunately, a sanctuary for the blue iguanas has now been established on Grand Cayman. You can visit these rare lizards in the Queen Elisabeth II Botanic Park on Grand Cayman.

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