How is Titanic the real movie

The real love story on the Titanic

Article updated on 25.10.2018.

The film "Titanic" is one of the great love stories in film history. But some found a scene that was only shown incidentally a hundred times more touching than that of the main characters Rose and Jack. It is a heartbreaking moment: as the ship is already going down, you see an elderly man and an elderly woman in one of the cabins, clinging to each other in bed and watching in silence as the icy seawater rushes in. He takes her hand and kisses her gently on the cheek while they wait for certain death together.

This scene, which moved even the most hardened to tears, is actually based on a true story, albeit a bit artistically altered. The people behind it were Isidor Straus (67) and his wife Ida Straus (63). The two were among the richest passengers on the luxury liner, after all, they owned the legendary Macy's department store.

When the "unsinkable" Titanic hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912, and water was able to penetrate the interior of the ship as a result of the collision, attempts were made to move as many people as possible into lifeboats. However, primarily women, children and first class passengers.

But as Ida's housemaid and Isidor's work colleagues, who were among the few survivors, reported to the newspapers at the time, Isidor Straus renounced his secure place in the lifeboat because he first wanted to see other women and children safe. So Ida got out of the boat again and is said to have addressed the following words to her beloved husband: "We lived a wonderful life together for 40 years and have six wonderful children together, if you don't get into the lifeboat, then I will too Not."

Then she took off her coat and handed it to her housemaid with the words "I won't need it anymore. You take it to keep you warm on the lifeboat until you are rescued."

Then Isidore is said to have put his arms around her until a large wave swept over the port side of the ship and threw them both into the sea. "That was the last time they were seen alive." according to the couple's great-grandson, family historian and professor Paul Kurzman.

This brief moment is surely just one of the few touching stories that happened on the Titanic. However, the story of Isidore and Ida, unlike many others who have probably been forgotten, was well documented even then and published in several newspaper articles. Their love lives on and allowed director James Cameron to create what is arguably the most moving scene in the entire film.