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"Die Toten von Marnow": This is how the dark soundtrack came about

Status: 03/18/2021 11:30 p.m.

The last episodes of the crime series "Die Toten von Marnow" were broadcast on the first on Thursday. The Hamburg-based Swede Martin Tingvall is behind the music for the dark series.

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by Ocke Bandixen

Many have already let themselves be captured on TV by the gloomy tension of the NDR series "Die Toten von Marnow", which ran from March 16 to March 18 on the first - all episodes can be found in the ARD media library. The multi-part series about a serial killer and a dark past has also sparked its pull through the special film music. It was written by the Hamburg-based Swede Martin Tingvall.

"The Dead of Marnow": Soundtrack by Martin Tingvall

In 2019, the pianist Martin Tinvgvall received the German Music Author Award in the category "Composition Jazz / Crossover".

Only a few chords, then through the music of Martin Tingvall you are right in the middle of the heat of the murder hunt. 360 minutes of film that the composer has seen over and over again. He tells how he creates such a soundtrack: He sits down, presses record while viewing, and while doing so, he sits at the piano. "Then there are usually some good ideas."

It is not the first film music that Martin Tingvall has written. He has already composed several soundtracks for the Tatort, also in collaboration with the director Andreas Herzog. For "Die Toten von Marnow" Tingvall had to adapt his melodies to the people, tailor-made, so to speak. "I found the pictures so strong, the main characters. Art is, and I certainly still have a lot to learn, that you don't do too much," says the Swede.

Tension in the chords, a few musical phrases that urge dissolution, repetitions, also recognizable. Tingvall's music for the series was released as a short album, a so-called EP. In a very classic way, he had assigned a musical theme to each of the two main characters.

"Marnow" soundtrack is the result of Corona isolation

The soundtrack is the result of his own corona isolation, says Tingvall. After a vacation, he and his family did not return to Hamburg, but got stuck in Sweden, in a small house in southern Sweden - a stroke of luck for the work on the film music. "Usually I'm a pianist and give concerts, for example with my Tingvall Trio. But that wasn't possible."

And so he stayed with the pictures and kept writing. You think you can hear this concentration in the songs. He really immersed himself in the exciting series. Writing for a multi-part series was new to him, according to Tingvall. Not only the tension of the plot, but also that of the music should increase more and more. Up to a showdown at the end - and the song "Redemption".

Song "Redemption" for the dark resolution of the crime series

The song reflects fateful, gloomy, the resolution of the case. Swedish compatriots Anna Ottosson, a long-time friend of Martin Tingvall, and Christian Kjellvander sing the song. The composer had found Kjellvander by chance in his months of seclusion - or was it fate? In any case, it fits in with Tingvall's successful work for "Die Toten von Marnow". Kjellvander came over and sang for half an hour. And that was it: the song for the series.

The eight-part crime series is available in the ARD media library. In the first, it was broadcast in three film versions. There is also the detailed one Podcast episode "The Dead of Marnow" in the ARD audio library. Tinvall's soundtrack is available in stores.

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