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The pioneer academy and elite forge in coaching

Dear Sirs and Madames,


Coaching is one of the youngest, most demanding and at the same time most fulfilling activities of our time. We invite you to learn from the best at one of the leading academies for coaching in Europe in order to become a sought-after master yourself in the art of first-class coaching.


We are very proud to be regarded as an elite forge of first-class life and business coaches almost 10 years after our founding. Some even refer to us, which we are very honored, as the "Harvard of coaching". Honorable attributions from which not only we, but above all our graduates and perhaps you will soon benefit.


Our most important concern, however, is to be a place of development and development for you personally, where you can expect eye level, appreciation and optimal individual support on your own path into one of the most beautiful fields of activity of our time. Because even if we belong to the coaching elite, we are not "elitist" in an exclusive sense.


Rather, we are enthusiasts of excellent coaching and are convinced that, in addition to our exceptional methodological skills and our many thousands of experience in working with people, above all the love for this profession, the seriousness of our concerns and the respect for our clients are the "secret recipe" for our particular style that sets our graduates so different from others.


Our graduates often say that the time at the academy is one of the most valuable and intensive of their adult learning and life time. When can we get to know you and start a new chapter of intensive learning, experience and personal and professional development together with you?


We look forward to you!