How do I design wooden structures

Simply build with wood

If you think of rustic architecture and simple craftsmanship when you think of wooden buildings, you have to revise your picture: Modern wooden buildings are high-tech buildings. Despite many ecological advantages, there are inhibitions when using wood as a building material, such as the high complexity of component connections and detailed solutions or complex verification procedures, which often lead to deterring planners and builders. In order to ensure more standardization, clarity and planning security in timber construction, the Austrian online database has now been further developed by a project team from the Technical University of Munich as for the German market. The database was launched in Austria in 2004. The authorities now recognize the evidence contained therein in the approval process. The website has become an established tool - a neutral and independent source of information that has not previously existed in this form in Germany.

Under the direction of Hermann Kaufmann, Professor of Design and Timber Construction, and Stefan Winter, Professor of Timber Construction and Building Construction, this principle of the Austrian online database was transferred to the building law framework in Germany as part of a research project at the Technical University of Munich together with Holzforschung Austria Components relevant for the German market, including the associated nationally valid proof of usability, added. An external advisory board made up of representatives from science and practice was called in to select frequently used wooden components and components that are relevant to building practice. External specialists and testing institutes also guarantee applicability. For the technical processing of the component verifications, documents for fire, noise and heat protection as well as ecological parameters for over 260 components were bundled. In addition to didactically prepared component assemblies and construction principles as well as technical information, the platform also shows a large number of reference projects from well-known planning offices. The applicability is illustrated more easily on the basis of executed details and representations of the assembly sequence.