Who did Ed Sheeran get married to

Ed Sheeran got married: Secret wedding with childhood sweetheart Cherry

You did it - secretly!

Ed Sheeran (28) married his childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn (26). This is reported by the British newspaper "The Sun". According to the paper, the ceremony took place a few days before Christmas at Sheeran's country house in Suffolk. "Only his closest friends from school, a few family members and the priest" were there, said a close friend of the singer.

Means: No celebrity alarm among the guests! No Taylor Swift, no James Blunt, no royals. "He didn't want a fuss about the wedding, he wanted it to be all about you (the couple, editor's note)," the friend continued. But the big celebration should be rescheduled - in summer.

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A year before the Heimlich wedding, Sheeran and Seaborn - who have known each other since school and have been a couple since 2015 - got engaged. Even then, they made the wedding date a big mystery. "We both wear rings," Sheeran said in an interview in March, "that's why nobody can tell when we got married."

Sheeran wanted to build her own church - but was not allowed to

Sheeran hit the headlines last year when it was announced that he was planning to build his own chapel for his wedding. But the administrative district thwarted his plans.

Among other things, because the singer wanted to have a 14.5 meter high tower built in his garden for the big day. The pop star's plan also annoyed animal rights activists, as the habitat of a special newt species was possibly in danger.

A spokeswoman for the British star or Sheeran himself have not yet commented on the wedding.