How do I get over the past

Jealousy of Previous Relationships: The Partner's Past!

Jealousy of the partner's previous relationships is one of the most common causes of long-term arguments in the partnership. Whenever there is a dispute, the relationship is put to the test and either you survive this time or you live further apart, up to the point of separation.

You cannot make the past unforgettable and that creates fear because you know full well that the relationship could end at any time. Jealousy plays a big role in this case because you make it clear that you doubt whether your relationship is strong enough to survive a difficult phase.

Your fears and worries lead to more and more uncertainty over time. You tend to want more control and do just the opposite. Nobody likes to be controlled or prescribed who they are allowed to deal with, because that shows how little trust and confidence in the relationship is.

If you have problems with your partner's past, you should investigate why this is so and actively fight your jealousy. Or is it more because you want more attention from him?

Past Relationship Jealousy: Dealing with the partner's past

As the headline suggests, the first step is to accept. You have a past yourself and so does your partner.

We all have multiple relationships in ours and that's perfectly normal and ok. If you want you can do oursfree jealousy test make and receive an evaluation from us that will help you to come to terms with the past and to strengthen your relationship.

How do you manage to accept your partner's past?

It's simple: Admit to yourself that you are trying to deny something that you can never change, no matter how hard you try.

You may have a tendency to worry a lot, including yourself and your past. Bad experiences from your past create a fear within you that worries you. If you want to get away from it, check out ours5 tips against jealousy at.

You express your fears and worries bythinkyour partner would have done some things wrong in their past. Hewould have should break up earlier at that time or never be allowed to enter into a relationship with one woman. As soon as you get yourIncrease self-confidence, you get rid of these agonizing thoughts too.

But what use is that to you? You are fighting an enemy, the past, that you can never defeat.

The more you lose control of your feelings and fears,the more your jealousy becomes more burdensome for your relationship.What if you build up your trust and thereby lose most of the jealousy?

You now have to learn to accept your partner's sexual past, stop possibly being jealous of his old affairs and relationships, and all of this as soon as possible. Or learn like you do make your partner addicted to youso that you have more control.

The bigger the topic becomes for you and both of you, the more it strains your relationship and in the long run there will always be tensions that could have been avoided without further ado.

Click nowhere and you get the exact solution to learn how to get rid of negative thoughts about the past, strengthen your trust in one another and have a happy future together with your partner!

Should you forget your partner's past?

To forget means to want to suppress and that is exactly the wrong way to go.

We try to suppress unpleasant events because they scare us and make us feel bad. But this fear has resonated with you all your life. Many people know the fear of being abandoned and, as a result, many develop a control addiction that becomes a stress test for the relationship.

You should be able to rationally see your partner's past with your adult self. Try to put aside emotions that make you feel like you are reacting like a defiant child.

Change your perspective and your feeling of suffering will improve a lot.

The better you learn to deal with your partner's past, the more you will be able to enjoy your relationship. If there is always something between you that he cannot currently do, the more he will try to keep secret from you in the future.

He wants to protect you because you can't handle it well because of your own insecurity.

You can never escape from your own jealousy, so you should learn how to deal with your own jealousy - only you are responsible!

Are you jealous of your partner's ex?

If you're jealous of your partner's ex and struggling to cope with your sexual past, it says more about you than about his ex and him.

You may feel insecure and that you “Not good enough” in the relationship are. Maybe they have had sexual adventures that you can never offer him.

None of that should matter because you are a couple now and you have a right to be yourself. He probably doesn't even expect you to pretend for him.

He chose you because he learned to appreciate and love you as you are. Anything you try to please him even more will do just the opposite. If you keep feeling that you would do anything to please your partner and give up on yourself for it, you should urgently work on yoursSelf love work*, because this is the only way to find a healthy dose that is good for both of you.

The partner's sexual history or past should never be a reason why you feel insecure and bad.

So learn to get your feelings under control so as not to endanger your relationship because of uncontrolled dramas of jealousy or fear of loss, that is the last thing you need now.

If your relationship is important to you, you should learn to build trust so that your partner's ex is not a threat. If you want to know how to do this, you can find everything in this guide on the subjectBuild and regain trust*.

Does it bother you when your partner writes with other women, then the article could be of interest to you: Why does the partner chat with other women? Am I not enough for him?

Are you a confident, strong woman? 💃 Then you should never be jealous! You bind a man to yourself by knowing how much more valuable you are to him than all other women! → Get rid of jealousy in 7 days

How your own past provokes your jealousy

We've talked enough about your partner's past now, it's time to deal with your past.

Your present and future are significantly influenced by your past. This is exactly why the past plays such a big role when it comes to your jealousy.

If you are confident and confident with a healthy sense of self, you will not become jealous. Jealousy and insecurity are two feelings that you urgently need to overcome. You will worry about more important things than your own insecurities about your partner's previous relationships and sexual experiences.

Has there been anything in your past that has taken away your belief in a sincere, honest, loyal relationship? Did you never feel like you could really enjoy your life without drama or fear?

Most people live a life full of fear, fear of failure, fear of being rejected, fear of being abandoned, fear of being laughed at by others or fear of dying. What kind of life is that?

A life that you lead because of your past, in which you constantly lived in fear, is not a good life. The good thing is: You can decide at any moment to rise from the victim role and to regain power.

Who defines himself only by his past without changing anything in the present through sincere,real confidence*, who lives a very bleak, lonely life overshadowed by drama.

Many are ruined by their own power and helplessness because they never saw the opportunity to actively improve their lives. It starts with a tiny step in the right direction, but if you don't have the courage to take that small step, it's your own fault.

I was in exactly the same position and missed numerous opportunities to be brave until, after another disappointment, I took control of my life. I was so disappointed in life, in other people, and was ready to change, to be active and to take care of my own happiness.

There was a lot of fear of what would happen if I took the first step to face uncomfortable situations, but it was worth it. With every step, no matter how small, I suddenly got more self-confidence, more opportunities, a more positive aura.

I was ready for a new life, my jealousy about my past and the many disappointments decreased very quickly. It was the best thing that could have happened to me to deal intensively with my jealousy. Regardless of whether the jealousy was justified or it was unfounded jealousy, it put a lot of strain on me personally and on my relationships.

Today I can laugh about the way I used to react in certain situations, how I was sneaky, defiant and contentious. I just didn't know any better and was trapped in my past with all the negative feelings.

Accept the partner's sexual past

Very many have problems with their partner's sexual past and fail to accept it. But why?

It should be normal for all of us for the partner to gain experience, some more and some less. What kind of person do you have to be to judge your partner for it?

Is it the envy of having less sexual experiences? Or the fear of being worse in bed? The fear of being abandoned because your partner is so open about their sexuality?

If you judge others because of your upbringing, you should ask yourself whether this is correct, whether this belief is really true. It is from earlier times, and being able to accept your partner's sexual past should be perfectly normal.

Women are called sluts and men are accused of only using women. Who will judge it? Who takes out the right to determine 5-6 sexual contacts in the past are OK, but 10 is too many.

That would mean that anyone with 7 or more sexual contacts in the past would have a right to be condemned, rejected and marginalized. You see, the problem is NOT with your partner, but with the interpretation of yourself.

Learn to make your own picture and above all learn to get a grip on your jealousy. Otherwise you will always be a victim of your old, outdated beliefs of your parents, friends and media.

Men hate to argue unnecessarily or listen to accusations. Therefore, you should strengthen your bond by stopping being afraid of losing him to another woman. Why? Nothing is as sexy as a woman who knows her own worth and walks confidently through life. Do you want to get more confident and be irresistible to him? Confident and jealous free in 7 days

What does jealousy of your partner's sexual past mean for your relationship?

In fact, nothing can be changed in the sexual past of the partner, so any form of jealousy is completely superfluous and harmful for your relationship.

What good is it for you to keep tearing up old wounds? Instead of looking to the future, sooner or later your fears will destroy your relationship.

The positive thing about your partner's sexual past is that he has already "acted out". It is much more dangerous when after many years someone has the feeling that they have missed something.

This is the case with many men (but also women!) Who got married very early and had little previous experience with others. Therefore, think about which perspective you want to take and where your worries will lead you that he is cheating on you with someone else just because he used to have many different partners.

Is the past important in a relationship?

Even if many say that the past does not matter in a relationship, for many it still plays a big role. The past shapes every person and many carry old injuries into the new relationship because they have suppressed how bad they were and they never want to experience that again.

It takes some time to come to terms with the past, accept it and fully immerse yourself in the present and future. Many are not even aware of how they are subconsciously still busy with the old relationship and transfer that to the new relationship. In order to have a happy relationship, you have to learn to let go and overcome your fears.

An example: Anyone who was previously suppressed tries to do exactly the opposite in the new relationship and can thus create a very unhealthy relationship dynamic. This happens very often when you have been cheated and still have a lot of anger in you.

At the beginning of any relationship, you should not address your past relationship at all and focus fully on the new relationship. Only after some time, when you had enough trust and experiences with each other, can you talk about your last relationship and how happy you are to have found someone with whom everything is going better.


We have all experienced it, the jealousy of the partner's past. We would love to be the first and only one who has ever captured the partner's heart.

It's just a complete illusion. You have to learn to deal with it and, most importantly, accept your partner's past. He and you can't turn back time and that's a good thing.

You both learned through experience and only then did you recognize what you really want. Only in this way could you have the first painful experiences and overcome them.

Like a child who falls over and over again, your relationship is now what it is. You only have one chance and that means accepting the fact that your partner has kissed and slept with other women in the past.

If you reproach him again and again, you are only harming yourself. That will never bring you anything, any jealous behavior will drive a wedge between you and he will lose confidence in you. This also frustrates you and you both miss the opportunity to build a future together.

In our Jealousy Masterclass we will give you an exact strategy to be able to remain more relaxed, even if you think that would hardly be possible.

Frequently asked questions

How should I deal with my partner's past when it is weighing on our relationship?

I have the feeling that you yourself keep making the past an issue and not taking it as it is. Nothing can be changed in the past, that is a fact.
If you accept the past and focus on the two of you and your future together, then you shouldn't care what happened at some point, who he was with and how he behaved.
Never put forward the past as the reason that strains your relationship, it is up to you to change that. He doesn't have to justify himself for old relationships or who he's slept with, just as you don't have to.
You both save a lot of stress if you accept and look ahead. As clumsy as it sounds, but if the past relationships repeatedly lead to accusations and there will always be arguments because of completely banal things.
LearnSolve relationship problems* instead of giving them control of your relationship.

What happens if the past weighs on the relationship and there are always arguments about it?

If you don't close with the past, no matter how well a relationship started, you will keep having the same problems. Accepting the past and focusing on the present and future together resolves most disputes instantly. Instead of constantly coming up with old allegations or insecurities that you have yourself, you should understand that you are keeping your relationship lower and lower. There is no progress and you know that best because it has always been like that in your life.

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