Dynamo Kyiv is a big club

Dynamo Kiev enters eSport

Ukrainian eSport is best known for Natus Vincere, an organization that puts successful teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. Dynamo Kiev now wants to get eSport out of its obscurity: "There are far too few professional clubs in Ukraine and talented players often have to move abroad," the club writes on its website. It is remarkable that Kiev is taking the first step. Dynamo is comparable in this country to Bayern Munich. Getting a contract promises good development opportunities for the future. eSports is a global trend, and perhaps a new mainstay for traditional clubs. In order to promote the sport as a whole, Kiev has signed the "best player in Ukraine". Vitaliy 'Labotryas' Mukha is indeed no stranger: In FIFA 16 he won 12 of 15 national tournaments, took the title of Kiev champion three times and also competed at the ESWC.

The club has big plans: an eSports school that will function like a traditional football academy and major tournaments in Ukraine. They even made a three-year plan. So Kiev plans for the long term. eSport Director Ivan Bulavka makes it clear right away: "It's a business project. We won't put all the cards on the table right away."

With the Kiev Major for Dota 2 in view in April, Thiemo Bräutigam also reports on a possible new Dota 2 team for Dot Esports. Sources close to Dynamo Kiev have announced this.

After the club has been kicked out of the Champions League, star players are leaving the country and because of the difficult economic situation in the country, the investment in eSports is a ray of hope. What will become of it and what plans Dynamo has for the future will remain exciting. Ivan Bulavka also sees another advantage with eSport: "Maybe we can get young people excited about real football in this way. That is one of our goals."