Logo design part III


Logo variety

One like all?

We have already written quite a bit about the logo and design and concentrated on the technical details. Now let's let feelings speak - or at least something like that. Think of 3 logos that come to mind spontaneously. Which ones are they? Why are you thinking of these 3 logos? Which images appear in your head and how do you relate to the logos? What relevance plays an important role here? You notice: Logos are more than just graphically created image files. Logos are stories, experiences, feelings, memories. We associate a certain story with every logo we know - this can be positive or negative. But the picture sticks to our inner eye. So, the graphic designers from these 3 companies did everything right.

Now it's up to you.

Because you now have to make some fundamental decisions:

  • Alone or with help?
  • What kind of logo do I want?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Which aspects are important to me?

As is well known, there are 3 different types of logos:

  1. Figurative mark
    Use of an image or a symbol
  2. Word mark
    Contains only the company name and impresses with its color and font
  3. Word and figurative mark
    Consists of a combination of symbol and company name

There are, in turn, different types of logos among these logo types:

  • Monogram (e.g. IBM, RTL, UPS etc.)
  • Company lettering (Google, Johnson & Johnson, Jack & Jones etc.)
  • Symbols (Twitter, Apple, Firefox etc.)
  • Abstract (Maybach, Chanel, Bosch etc.)
  • Mascots (Pringles, Haribo, Lacoste etc.)
  • Combination (Doritos, Rolex, SwissLife etc.)
  • Emblem (Harley Davidson, Fanta, SAMSUNG etc.)

As diverse as they are, all of these logos have one thing in common: They are memorable. At the same time, they owe their success to a great strategy of the marketing department, which has set itself the goal of marketing the logo as popularly as possible. Every day new logos spring up from the floor of the designer gardens and impress or disappoint the audience in equal measure. So that you are spared the negative, we support you professionally as usual.

We leave nothing to chance and make sure that it is easier for you. Bucher Identity & Design AG. Where the design is not just in the name.

Done with logo design! In the next blog we will take care of the popular area of ​​social media. Enjoy yourself and discover the little secrets of efficient social media management.