Are storm windows necessary

The window protection before the storm

Watching a storm approaching from the window should be protected. To ensure this security, some security measures should be taken for windows and glass patio doors. Learn how to protect your windows from a storm at

If no safety precautions are taken before the storm, windows can break in the worst case. To prevent this from happening, you can, for example, install roller shutters or decorative and safe shutters that provide additional protection against break-ins and heat. But safety glass also offers protection and still ensures light transmission. Below is an overview of products and behaviors that can protect your windows in a storm.

Safety glass - protection despite a clear view!

Glass is easily broken. There are wind and weather forces that can make it difficult for windows to withstand. But windows and glass doors can be protected from strong storms with safety glass. In the case of safety glass, there is another layer of the highly elastic plastic polycarbonate between the glasses, which, thanks to its 200-fold retention effect, evenly distributes the energy of the impact and thus cushions it - the first pane of glass can be splintered but not broken through with a strong force from a hammer. Not only windows and patio doors can be protected with safety glass; it can also be set up as a windbreak around the terrace area.

A glazier will tell you which safety glass best protects your window. He will also install the security windows professionally for you.

Roller shutters - the safest storm protection?

They offer shade in summer, allow slits of light to shine through in the room depending on the mood, protect against prying eyes, can dampen sound, reduce heat loss, offer increased security against break-ins; but above all they offer storm protection to the windows - roller shutters. If the roller shutters are attached to the outside and pulled down, they not only protect the windows and glass doors from storms, but also reduce the quickly accumulating dirt and dust on the window glass.

Shutters - protection or decoration?

Nowadays they are often used as decoration in old buildings. But they not only decorate the windows, but also offer protection from break-ins, prying eyes and storms like roller shutters. Shutters have the advantage that they do not have to be built into the masonry. They are available in different versions, both in wood with a low thermal conductivity and in easy-care plastic and aluminum. You can find more details about shutters on our neighboring portal

The storm is approaching - how do you behave properly?

The advantage of storms is the early warning so that you can take precautions to protect your home. You should consider the following storm protection tips for windows and patio doors:

1. Close all windows and doors - and use the additional protective function of your windows and terraces if necessary. So pull down your shutters or close your shutters.

2. Stow all loose objects in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony, such as flower pots and decorations, in the house or basement or secure them with the help of ropes, tarpaulins and nets.

3. Do not leave your house or apartment during the storm, as there is a great risk of injury from objects being swirled around, branches falling down or electrical cables.