How can we betray our siblings

10 moments when we are really grateful for our siblings ♥

Yes, our siblings can be annoying. With no one else we can tear ourselves apart - and get along again five minutes later. Because no matter how annoying we find brother and sister sometimes, at the end of the day we are glad that they exist. Not least because life without siblings would be pretty boring. There are also moments when we are particularly happy to have little brothers or sisters.

1. When we understand each other without words

In most cases we don't need a lot of words. One look is enough and we have successfully reached an understanding. We have never perfected this communication with anyone else.

2. When we need someone to talk to who really understands us

We grew up together, have experienced a lot together and are also very similar to each other. This is exactly why we can trust our siblings so well with our problems.

3. When we ally against our parents

When we were little, mom and dad were always right. But the older you get, the more you can question your parents' decisions from time to time. And if you need an ally for that, your brother or sister is just the thing!

4. When we can have fun even in the most boring of situations

Whether on long car trips, dreary family celebrations or never-ending waiting - when we have our siblings with us, we always find a way to laugh and have fun.

5. When we feel alone

If we have just broken up with our boyfriend and there is only drama with all the girls, then it is good to know that despite everything, you are not alone. We can pick up the phone at any time and hear a familiar voice.

6. When we have to be picked up somewhere at 3 o'clock in the morning

Picking up in the middle of the night when we're stranded somewhere unfortunately doesn't stop at teenage years. Even later in life, we still have to rely on the sibling taxi from time to time.

7. When we really need good advice

Hardly anyone knows us as well as our brothers and sisters. That's why they give us the very best advice in times of need or frustration. We can always rely on their advice - and if not, then they don't hold it against us!

8. When we need someone to always stick with us

Sure, we can grumble about each other, scold each other and pull things off as much as we can - but woe betide anyone else who dares to speak badly about us or our siblings. We stick together!

9. When no one else can cheer us up

No matter how sad we are: Our siblings almost always manage to cheer us up again. Whether with inside jokes that only we understand, or stupid sayings that you just have to leave behind.

10. When we want to share our secrets with someone

Our brother or sister would never tell a secret of us. We let them swear not to do it - after all, we usually have something in hand against YOU.