Why are fuel prices high

Gasoline as expensive as not since 2019 | Fuel price trouble! Will it stay that way - or will it go away?

Consumers currently pay up to 1.50 euros per liter of petrol. The gasoline price is higher than it has been since 2019.

BILD asked the ADAC how drivers can still save!

► Andreas Hölzel (60), ADAC spokesman, says: “It always makes sense for consumers to refuel in the evening. Between 6pm and 10pm, fuel prices are lowest on average ”.

▶ ︎ On the other hand, there are no longer any differences between days of the week.

Hölzel: "Consumers can use mobile phone apps to compare different petrol stations in the area."

Sample apps: "mehr-tanken", "clever-tanken.de" and "ADAC fuel prices".

Why are gasoline prices so high?

According to Stefan Bock, Managing Director of the consumer portal Clever-tanken.de, the reasons for the high gasoline price are: “The very harsh onset of winter in the USA, the restriction on oil production by OPEC, the introduction of CO2 tax at the turn of the year 2020/21 and the rising trend Demand in some regions due to pandemic containment ”.

Experts expect the price to stabilize now.

Eugen Weinberg, commodities analyst at Commerzbank, says: “This year I don't see any major changes in the price of petrol - neither up nor down. The price will remain fairly stable this year, with a tendency towards the downside. There is about four to five cents of potential ”.

In the long term, however, the price of petrol could continue to rise, according to Weinberg, "mainly through higher CO2 taxes, because it is politically wanted".

Seems like consumers have to be prepared for the fact that fuel prices will stay high for now ...