What is the cure for mucomycosis

Nasal fungus: When the nasal mucous membrane is infected by fungus

Fungal infections caused by dermatophytes

Dermatophytes are filamentous fungi that attack the skin, hair and nails. Symptoms include red, scaly skin changes or brittle nails or hair. However, the mucous membranes are rarely affected. Dermatophytes are transmitted to humans through direct contact with objects, animals or other people.

Fungal infections caused by the Aspergillus fumigatus mold

As Aspergillosis In technical jargon, infections are referred to that are caused by molds of the genus Aspergillus. In connection with the mold, a so-called aspergilloma, an isolated fungal settlement, can form in the nose. This takes place within a body cavity such as the paranasal sinuses ideal growing conditions: moist, dark and warm. Aspergillosis mainly occurs in people who have a weakened immune system, for example due to a chronic illness. The spores are transmitted through the air and become simple inhaled. Large quantities of mold spores fly through the air, especially during renovation and construction work. In addition, tooth filling material that accidentally got into the maxillary sinuses during root canal treatment appears to promote aspergillosis.

In addition to the sinuses, the nasal fungus also often infects the lung and can spread to internal organs and the central nervous system. Aspergillosis can be fatal in people who have severely weakened immune systems.