Are social media audits useful?

Social media audit: the status quo of your brand


Via the inventory for an individual social media strategy

The steadily increasing influence of social media in corporate communication and marketing requires companies to have well thought-out strategies for the effective use of these relatively new channels. A social media audit traces the map of your company on the social web. It helps with the identification of sources and target groups as well as with the opinion analysis and forms the basis for a later social media monitoring as well as for own activities and presences in social media.


Learn to understand your brand and your customers

Which of your customers is looking for online help with their products? Who are the customers of your products and services and what do they say about your company? What are the influencers in their field who act as gurus in their industry? Do you know what your competition is doing - how your competitor is present in the market and how his customers talk about him? No? Then you will learn to understand your brand and its customers. With a social media audit, you can find, analyze and estimate data about your company in the social web area. Define your subject area, keywords, target groups and communication goals and set an analysis period.


Self-made social media audit - the first steps

There are now countless channels that should be monitored. Weblogs, forums, social networks, news portals, photo and video platforms and ever new platforms springing up from the ground do not make listening easy for companies. There are also 10 free social media monitoring tools that make your work easier.

• TwitterSearch - Watch your mention on Twitter: Enter search term, subscribe via RSS. Simple, simple, useful.

• Google Trends - Identify and analyze trends and developments

• 123people - people search engine

• Google Alerts - Subscribe to keywords from hundreds of news sources around the world

• Technorati - Monitor the mention in the blogsphere

• Addictomatic - Searches a wealth of social websites for desired terms

• Socialmention - the tool searches over 80 different services of the social web for desired terms

• Boardtracker - monitoring tool especially for the forum landscape.

• SocialWebsiteAnalyzer - Searches the TOP 20 social websites for a given website


Plan your future

Create a map of your company on the social web: A benchmark allows you to take a detailed look at your brand, customers and products. Find out on which defined platforms your customers actively communicate and submit reviews of your company. Create a competition screening and compare the results with your competitions and identify possible potentials and opportunities. TWT Interactive supports you with your social media audit and the later development of a social media strategy. With the TWT Social Media Radar you can analyze sources, media and search terms in a completely customizable manner. We would be happy to advise you on your first steps in the social web.