How many tabs can Google Chrome handle

Chrome Task Manager: Detect and stop resource hogs

Do you have the impression that Chrome is getting slower and slower or that your PC is consuming unnecessary resources? Then it's time to take a look at the Chrome Task Manager.

1. Move The mouse pointer on an empty space next to the tabs and right-click once. Select the entry from the context menuTask managerout. Alternatively, start the Task Manager of the Google browser with the key combinationShift + Esc.

2. The Task Manager shows you all running processesrelated to Chrome. Next to the browser itself you will see entries for graphics processing (GPU processing), for add-ons and plugins as well as for open tabs. For every process can be Storage, CPU and network- Read usage. Click on a column header to reorder the list.

3. Discover a process in Task Managerthat is using a lot of CPU, memory, or network, select it, and then click End process. However, you should keep in mind that terminating some processes can cause the browser to crash.

4. You can usually terminate processes without hesitationrelated to an open tab. If a website no longer responds or if it blocks other websites from running, closing it using the Task Manager is even the best choice.

5. Be careful when closing plugins. This can cause the browser to crash. However, you should do without all plugins that you do not necessarily need anyway, because many of them involve security risks, for example Flash.

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Chrome 42 is available for download

Google has released Chrome 42, the update is available for download. You will find all innovations with us.