How do you feel about human trafficking?

human trafficking

Who are the victims?

Predominantly vulnerable groups who find themselves in personal or economic hardships and who are forced to do these activities or who see them as the only way to "earn money".

More and more people are involved in international labor migration and can become victims of structural, psychological and physical violence. Their often insecure legal and social position outside their home country as well as the pressure to have to secure their own life and that of their family abroad are deliberately exploited.

In the area Human trafficking for sexual exploitation, but not only there, gender hierarchies and violence against women continue to play a major role. In this way, migrants can become victims of human trafficking and exploitation.

It is not uncommon for families to expect great financial support from relatives who have gone a long way to earn money. Most of those affected are forced to lead a double life, i.e. the family does not know about their local work and real earnings. Many victims are not informed about the harsh working and living conditions before leaving the country. Many of those affected work in isolation from the outside world and are rarely able to leave their jobs. Furthermore prevent z. For example, exorbitant rent in housing and high debts to human traffickers are the desired earnings. These dependencies, combined with a lack of language skills and information, encourage exploitation.