Do you know my hometown

Description of the teaching material

On the basis of the individual place of residence of the children, various things related to place of residence, way to school and leisure activities as well as map understanding, orientation in the city map or cardinal points can be explored, researched and dealt with.

  • I'm living here
  • Profile of my place of residence
  • This is my school
  • My way to school
  • On and on the school bus
  • Out and about by bike
  • Traffic sign: The traffic light
  • Traffic sign: the zebra crossing

A look at the teaching material "My hometown"

How do you live? Name advantages and disadvantages.
• My family lives alone in a house.
• We live in the same house with a few other families.
• We live in the same house with many other families.
• I live on a large main street
• I live on a side street.
• I live on a farm near a village.
My family includes: Color the people in different colors
and write the names.
your street name:
... and your house number:
Draw a map of your surroundings.
Take the picture as an example.
The box shows the house in which
live. What streets, buildings
(Schools, churches, shops, fire
weir ...) or parks, sports fields,
Are there playgrounds near you?
Tip: first draw with a pencil, then
you can easily erase if something is wrong!
Find the 8 differences in the second picture.
What I like about my place of residence:
I do not really like it that much:
Create a profile of your place of residence.
Profile of my place of residence
These are my best friend (s) and girlfriend (s):
Color them. Write their names below.
The phone number is:
The director's name is:
There are so many classes:
Go to school .... Students:
Describe your best friend.
What do you particularly like about him / her?
• What are you doing together?
Here I come across on my way to school: Paint on.
How do you get to school?
How long is your way to school? Reports.
Lotta lives on Worringer Platz, right on the corner
Ackerstrasse. The plan states:
the place and mark it in red. Today she wants to go to music
school in Franklinstrasse. It is in
Draw a red point there too. Now you are looking
you the way and paint it in red.
Kai lives at the crossing Kaiserstraße -
). He wants to visit his friend
the one at the end of the Brüderstraße. lives (
Mark these two goals in green, then draw
Below you can see part of the city map of Düsseldorf. On the left are those
Squares labeled with letters, at the top of the row with numbers.
Get a map from your community or yours
City. There are often in the town hall, in a bank or savings
checkout for free. Draw your way to school there
Boyfriend or girlfriend or to the sports club.
Draw the four children's ways to school in the maze.
Many children take the bus to school because it is too far to go
Running or cycling is. There are different re
how it works best when getting in and out
gen. You are sure to be familiar with it, even if you are not familiar with
driving the school bus. Tick ​​the correct answers.
I leave home in good time so I don't have to rush to the bus.
I never cross the street in front of or behind the stopped bus!
We romp, run, and start playing at the bus stop.
We keep a distance of at least 1 meter from the approaching bus.
If you push hard to get in, you get the best seat.
You can also romp around and do gymnastics in the school bus.
We sit in our seat and talk.
If the bus driver tells us something, we obey.
When I have to stand on the bus, I hold on tight.
I leave my rubbish lying around on the bus, someone is already clearing it up.
As we get out, we bump into the doors to make them open faster.
Here, too, jostling helps: I'll be out faster then.
Drivers and cyclists can see me, I can run straight across the street.
I wait for the bus to leave before crossing the street.
Do you know your bike? Label the parts correctly.
Out and about by bike
Correctly fill in the following terms in the fill in the blanks.
right - rear brake - bell - difficult -
Traffic sign - sidewalk - lighting - helmet -
Riding a bike is pretty _______________ and sometimes
also dangerous. In any case, you should wear a ____________ and enter it
Have a roadworthy bike. This includes front wheel and ________________
___________, the right _______________________, reflectors and a good one
audible ______________. Apart from that, you should read the most important ___________
Know _____________________ and clearly distinguish _____________ and left
can. Children up to the age of eight must be on the ______________
instead of driving on the road. They are not allowed to ride on the bike path either,
except that it is a pedestrian and bicycle path rolled into one.
Not just as a driver, no
also as a pedestrian or bicycle
drivers should be different
Know traffic signs. In the
Usually have prohibition signs
a red border. Mandatory
signs are blue. Explain
what these signs mean.
Write on a piece of paper or
in your notebook / in your folder.
Which traffic signs do you come across on your way to school?
Draw them on a piece of paper and explain what they mean.
Do you know the traffic signs?
Traffic sign: The traffic light
Color the traffic light figures. What does it look like when you are allowed to go?
What if you have to stop
Draw the correct traffic light men / women on the template.
Which one can be seen best?
With red you stop, with green you can walk.
Even if the traffic light shows red and far and wide
no vehicle can be seen, you should wait until
the green man in the traffic light appears.
In the picture on the right you can see the traffic light men, above
those common in the east of our country,
below that are known in the west. And there is also
also a few traffic light women!
Traffic sign: the zebra crossing
Who is doing the right thing, who is doing something wrong?
Describe the location on the different pictures.
Pedestrians have right of way at zebra crossings. But leave
do not care! You should also go to the zebra crossing afterwards
look left, then right. Then again to the left,
and if there is no car, motorcycle, bicycle or other ge
is in sight, you can cross the street. But of course
You can also leave when the driver has seen you
Jan lives in house 1, Louisa in 2, Marie in 3, Lotta in 4, Julia in 5 and Kai in 6.