Which professional athlete has the best tweets

Armstrong, Becker, Nadal | The ten stupidest
Sports star tweets

Bastian Schweinsteiger has one thing, as does Dirk Nowitzki: a profile on the short message service Twitter!

But the comments (tweets) are not always as witty as with these German superstars ...

BILD has the 10 stupidest tweets from sports stars!

1. Rafael Nadal

After his French Open victory in 2013, the Spanish tennis star made an embarrassing faux pas, accidentally tweeting the death of Nelson Mandela (94). “Today we lost one of the most important and important people in our world. Rest in peace #NelsonMandela. " The former President of South Africa was hospitalized with pneumonia at the time, but had not died. When Nadal noticed his mistake, he later rowed back via Twitter. Nadal: “I had wrong information. #NelsonMandela has not left us. I hope that he will stay with us for a long time. "

2. Boris Becker

He is considered a big Twitter follower, twittering several times a day. But this entry by the tennis legend was really embarrassing. In December 2012, Becker tweeted: “Big admirer of Angela Merkel! I am very proud and will become a patriot when she won the Nobel Peace Prize !!! " Not just grammatically wrong ... The Nobel Peace Prize was not awarded to the Chancellor, but to the EU. For Becker, there was then a hail of scorn and ridicule on the Internet.

3. Lance Armstrong

The ex-bike superstar and doping fraudster provoked in November 2012 with a Twitter photo. In the picture: Armstrong relaxing on his couch. In the background hang the yellow jerseys of his seven tour victories. Garnished with the caption: “Back in Austin. Hanging out a bit. " Shortly before, Armstrong had been stripped of all seven Tour de France titles by the world association UCI due to years of systematic doping practices.

4. Ryan Babel

The Holland striker made two missteps on Twitter. In May 2012, the then Hoffenheim professional insulted referee Thorsten Kinhöfer after a controversial yellow-red card against Hertha BSC (1: 3). "I don't know, the referee was on drugs", Babel tweeted in response to a user comment. Even as a Liverpool professional, he ventured his anger over a referee on Twitter. After losing to Manchester United in January 2011, he tweeted a photo montage of Howard Webb in the United shirt. It is a joke that the referee is one of the best in the world. Back then, Babel had to pay a fine of 12,000 euros.

5. Dwight Howard

“Oh my god, I need help. I am having flatulence. I had to fart all day, even during the game today. " That tweeted basketball superstar Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets (then still in the service of Orlando Magic) after an NBA match.

6. Gilbert Arenas

Tasteless! This photo posted ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas on Instagram. His comment: “Money doesn't change people, too little money does. I've never seen a rich person rob a bank before. While you hate my life, I wipe my bottom with this shit. HAHA!"

7. Wojciech Szczensny

The Arsenal goalkeeper allowed himself a joke on Twitter that backfired. Szczesny made fun of a photo of his teammate Aaron Ramsey and wrote that he looked on it "Like a rapist". Shortly afterwards, the Polish national goalkeeper regretted his dropout and apologized with this tweet:

8. Michel Morganella

The Swiss international caused a Twitter scandal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. After Switzerland lost 2-1 to South Korea in July 2012, Morganella tweeted: “I could beat up all South Koreans. Go torch all of you, you gang of Mongos! " The tweet was written in the French youth language "Verlan", in which some letters are swapped. The US Palermo defender was subsequently excluded from the Swiss delegation.

9. Paraskevi Papachristou

The misstep of the Greek triple jumper also occurred at the 2012 Olympics. After the West Nile fever broke out in Athens and killed a man, Papachristou wrote this tasteless tweet: "With so many Africans in Greece, at least the mosquitoes from the West Nile will get food from home !!!" The Greek Olympic Committee then threw them out of the Olympic squad. Papachristou then apologized via Twitter: "I would like to sincerely apologize for the unfortunate and tasteless joke."

10. Stephanie Rice

"Fuck the fagots": This Twitter entry cost the Australian swimmer in 2010 an advertising contract and a 70,000 euro Jaguar. Rice tweeted the anti-gay lines after the Australians lost rugby to South Africa. She also apologized after her faux pas and asserted that she was not homophobic (anti-gay).