What's the best poker HUD

Top 10 Poker Software: The Best Poker Tools in 2021

1. Poker tracker

• Features: Tracking software
• Platform: Windows and Mac
• Price: $ 99 or $ 159
• Particularities: Compatible with many poker sites including PokerStars, Party Poker, 888Poker, MPN and iPoker Network

Poker Tracker 4 is a powerful and popular poker software package that you can try for free for 30 days. The Poker Tracker is available for Texas Hold'em and Omaha and provides you with useful statistics and information in real time at the gaming table. You can make personal adjustments and analyze your game extensively afterwards. With the extensions TableNinja II and TableTracker, PokerTracker also makes multi-tabling easier and helps you to find a profitable gaming table.

2. Hold'em Manager

• Features: Tracking software
• Platform: Windows
• Price: $ 99 or $ 159
• Particularities: Also available for Omaha, free demo version

This Texas Holde'm Poker software is also available for Omaha. Hold'em Manager 2 is feature rich and also works with third party tools. Game analysis, statistics in real time, multi-table support, notes, player analysis, reports and recordings are just a small excerpt from the scope of services. Hold'em Manager 2 offers different pricing models as well as a free trial version.

3. Hand2Note

• Features: Poker tracker
• Platform: Windows
• Price: $ 9.99 to $ 39 per month
• Particularities: Free for micro-stakes, for around 50 poker sites

Hand2Note offers a strong real-time display and is aimed at professional players. The statistics adapt to regular players or fish. Pop-ups and information can be adapted to your needs. Do a detailed post-game analysis or research your opponents. The real money analysis shows you clearly where you can still improve.

4. PokerSnowie

• Features: Post-game cash game analysis
• Platform: Windows
• Price: $ 99 or $ 229.95 per year
• Particularities: Play against AI, PokerSnowie Mobile available

PokerSnowie is suitable for all types of players as well as cash games and tournaments. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can improve your game and your strength. Identify your leaks, work on your preflop variants or replay situations. The hand range analysis is also very helpful.


• Features: Tournament analysis
• Platform: Windows and Mac
• Price: $ 14.99 or $ 29.99 per month
• Particularities: With sit'n'go coaching

ICMIZER consists of a poker calculator, a coach for Sit‘n‘Go and MTT and a replayer for hand analysis. With ICMIZER you improve your tournament play by making better preflop decisions. The poker software uses ICM (Independent Cash Model) and FGS (Future Game Simulations) for the calculation and shows you when a fold or an all-in is announced, which is especially important in the late phase of tournaments.

6. Xeester

• Features: Tracking software
• Platform: Windows
• Price: € 9.99 to € 49.99 per year
• Particularities: For Hold'em and Omaha, compatible with many poker sites

Xeester is easy-to-use and affordable poker tracker software. The analysis can take into account hole cards, position, zones and stakes in Texas Hold'em and Omaha. The heads-up display can be adjusted and you can take a close look at your game at cash games and tournaments.

7. Jivaro

• Features: Tracking software
• Platform: Windows
• Price: from $ 4.99 per month
• Particularities: Perfect for PokerStars

Jivaro was specially developed for PokerStars and offers statistics on opponents, access to an online community, replays, consideration of game positions and tournament functions. Jivaro delivers pot odds and is limited to the most important statistics. The clear display can also be adjusted according to your needs.

8. Power Equilab

• Features: Equity calculation for ranges
• Platform: Windows
• Price: $ 41.95 per year
• Particularities: Free variant available

Power Equilab is an equity calculator. Learn your chances of winning with different hands versus individual hands or ranges. Almost every scenario can be analyzed using filters. With an equity trainer, hand history, detailed poker math, and various color schemes, Power Equilab is powerful.

9. Flopzilla

• Features: Range analysis and calculation
• Platform: Windows
• Price: $25
• Particularities: Free HoldEq software included

Flopzilla is a poker range analysis calculator. Look at preflop ranges in relation to the board and learn what probabilities arise. Combinations are also possible. You can use filters to deepen your analysis, compare equity and weight hands differently. The free HoldEq Equity Calculator is included.

10. Upswing Poker

• Features: Poker training
• Platform: On-line
• Price: Free offers, starting at $ 7
• Particularities: Learn from Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, and other professional poker players

Upswing Poker is one of the newer training sites and has been in existence since 2015. The coaching roster includes Doug Polk, Ryan Fee and other poker pros. Some content is available for free, and you can get access to additional coaching videos for a small price. With an Upswing Poker subscription you can use a library of poker videos, training modules, tables and online community.

Useful poker tools as apps

There are also practical apps and poker software for your mobile device for free or for a fee. With Poker Cruncher you can calculate hand ranges for Texas Hold'em, SnapShove from poker pro Max Silver is a poker tool for push-fold strategy, Poker Analytics is a tracker for iOS, Poker Income Pro is a bankroll manager, and Insta Poker Pro is a poker coach as an app.

Why you should use poker software

Of course, you don't need every single poker software we've included in our top 10 list of the best poker tools. When choosing the right tool, as is so often the case, the devil is in the details. As a simple rule of thumb, before investing any money in poker software, you should have played roughly 1,000 hands. Tracking software allows you to record and research your gaming behavior. However, you will not get any meaningful data until you play thousands more hands with a poker tracker. Only then do tendencies emerge and you can identify leaks.

The individual poker tools offer many other useful functions. You can capture a single round and take it apart later, alone or with friends. In addition, a tracker helps you to get enemies under control. A so-called "Heads-Up Display", also known as the Poker HUD, shows you information in real time that you can make use of.

Try different tools and don't hesitate to compare different solutions. The developers of Poker Tools meet you and give you the opportunity to test Poker Tools for free with demo versions, so that nobody has to buy a "pig in a poke".

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