What are tanks


First of all, a tank is just a thick layer that protects you. Some animals have such a shell, such as the turtle or the crocodile. Insects also have tanks on their bodies. If you have a tank, you cannot be eaten by your enemies so easily.

People also use tanks. These are devices or objects that they made. A knight's armor is such a tank. Racing drivers, construction workers and also soldiers wear a helmet, which is a kind of head armor. Police officers often wear particularly strong vests under their uniform. They don't let knife wounds or even pistol bullets through. A car can also have armor, for example extra thick doors and particularly thick windows. Sometimes politicians need cars like this.

However, when you hear the word tank, you often think of certain vehicles. Most of them don't drive on wheels, but on caterpillars. In addition to armor, they also have a cannon and machine guns. Such tanks are weapons of war, which is why they are called "battle tanks". They were first used in the First World War. Many battle tanks were used, especially in the battles of World War II and in the conflicts during the Cold War.

  • A turtle can protect itself from enemies in its shell.

  • The knights also protected their horses with an armor.

  • A helmet protects on the ski slope, on the motorcycle or during dangerous work.

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