How is cell health maintained

Measure the immune system

Because the immune system is made up of so many different components that all cooperate with one another, there is no single measurement that can be used to measure the state and performance of the immune system.

The leukocyte count is determined for every small blood count, but if the number is too high or too low, no details about the immune system can be seen, but rather indications that serious illnesses are actually present.

Low values ​​can occur with cancer, viral infections, autoimmune diseases or when taking some medications (anti-rheumatic drugs, some antibiotics and some painkillers). High values ​​for bacterial infections or leukemia. The levels of leukocytes can also rise when taking cortisone preparations or anti-epilepsy drugs, just as if you smoke, are pregnant or are chronically stressed.

A special test can examine how high the proportion of T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes or natural killer cells is in the blood. But this test is only done if relevant diseases are suspected.

But now you could have your intestinal flora status examined, since the intestinal flora has such a great influence on the immune system and a very large part of the immune system is known to be located in the intestine.

In any case, it is worthwhile - even without a prior test - to strengthen the immune system:

Strengthen the immune system

If you do not feel so well, if you are chronically ill or if you are particularly susceptible to infections, you can strengthen your immune system. You learned above how numerous the components of the immune system are, so that there are also numerous measures and options for strengthening the immune system.

The supply of vital substances is particularly important, because no matter whether killer cells or B lymphocytes, whether intestinal mucosa or intestinal flora - they all need vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Therefore, make sure that you are well supplied with all vital substances and that you regularly do a colon cleanse.

Probiotics can also be taken to strengthen the immune system, as they stabilize the intestinal barrier, restore the healthy pH value in the intestine, increase mucus production, promote the proper function of tight junctions, activate immune cells and reduce their allergic reaction to food (3, 5, 7).

You can find many more tips in our article on Boosting Your Immune System Naturally.


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