How do I use two phones

Can a call ring on two phones at the same time?

Yes, with the external telephone you can be reached on two or more telephones at the same time.

Please log into your sipgate basic dashboard first with your email address and your chosen password:

To the login

Please go to the category in your user account Telephones.There you can now create up to 3x external telephones and enter or change the call numbers for these telephones.

With the selection of the "+"

the following window opens:


Here you then enter the phone number to which your calls should also be received. Under "Name" you can clearly identify the connection.

Then select save and the successful setting will be confirmed with a green tick.

You can change the target number of the external telephone using the gear wheel on the right-hand side.

If you have topped up your credit and you have activated the external telephone for a connection, incoming calls are then automatically forwarded to the number you have set.

You can find further information on switching telephones (including external telephones) on and off for connections in the following article: Click


Which phone number should be displayed to the called party?

You can set whether the calling party number or the number called should be displayed.

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