The word Magnat is plural

Magnat (German)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Ma | g | nat, Plural: Ma | g | na | ten
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [maˈɡnaːt]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Person with great economic power
Origin of the term:
borrowed from Middle Latin in the 16th centurymagnas "Great, gentleman", a derivative too Latin magnus "large"
1) tycoon
Related terms:
1) Big landowners, big industrialists
Opposite words:
1) Medium-sized companies
Female word forms:
1) Magnate
Subordinate terms:
1) Financial tycoon, money tycoon, real estate tycoon, industrial tycoon, coal tycoon, oil tycoon, steel tycoon, business tycoon
Application examples:
1) It is not always easy to stand up against the politicians Magnates from the oil and automotive industries.
1) “However, the majority of them found new opportunities to work and settle in the private towns and on the lands that the Polish Magnates founded during this time. "
Word formations:
Magnate house
Nominative: singular Magnate; Plural Magnates
Genitive: singular Magnates; Plural Magnates
Dative: singular Magnates; Plural Magnates
Accusative: singular Magnates; Plural Magnates


  • Esperanto: 1) magnato

Similar words (German):magnet


Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

In the current FOCUS online shopping deal, you can get the Magnate LRZ 980 reference headphones for cheap 69 euros including shipping.
Focus Online, March 18, 2019

In the current CHIP shopping deal * you will receive the Magnate LZR 568 Bluetooth headphones for low-cost 34.99 euros instead of 59.90 euros including shipping.
CHIP Online, January 23, 2019

Alexandre Magnate (Artist), Louis Denizet (Programmer), and Arthur dos Santos (Author) describe how they differed from Romantic artists such as Delacroix and 14th century French Gothic.
4Players, October 17, 2018

The Magnate is famous for his adventures that take him around the globe and his easygoing, mischievous manner. He once took a selfie with a Virgin employee whom he caught napping during work hours.
Business Insider Germany, November 02, 2018

Whether Mao or kings, presidents and Magnates let themselves be chauffeured in state limousines., November 20, 2018

If you want to equip your apartment or house with WLAN speakers, take a look at the current offer at Media Markt. The electronics store currently offers a WLAN speaker from Magnate at a bargain price., March 19, 2020

Ex-banker Babariko and his deputy Kolesnikowa found a party. This enters Belarus Magnate back to the plot, the arrest of which helped mobilize the opposition. By Jasper Steinlein., September 02, 2020

He and his wife Magnate become parents. He also shared a cute picture of himself and his wife, on which he lovingly kisses the mini-ball., May 11, 2020

The Magnate again stands on the balcony of his Casa de Boulette and looks in horror at what the people are doing down there., June 21, 2020

A YouTuber put the equivalent of 33,000 US dollars at an auction for the gold Magnate on the table.
Gamezone, January 27, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Large industrialist: Economy: owner of a very large company, a corporate empire
  • Captain of industry
  • Mogul: kPl. Indian ruler title; Bearer of the title mentioned below
  • Oligarch: Member of a small group that has political power over a country or region
  • Schlotbaron (Ruhrindustrie) (fig., Obsolete)
  • Tycoon (japanese): Owner of a company with a major impact on the economy
  • Business captain

Another word (synonym) for Magnat - Source: OpenThesaurus

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pan: ... who has a property and / or estate and was formerly mostly noble: Lord, rich, magnate 5) Person who is at the head of the family, of the house: Lord, landlord ...

re:… Right, plural i right hyphenation: re, plural: re Word meaning / definition: 1) King 2) Magnate 3) Music: the (large, small, one, two, n-underlined) [d)] 4) Music: the second ...

magnet:… Turkish: 1) mıknatıs Vietnamese: 1) nam châm Kölsch: East Central German: Thuringian-Upper Saxon: spoken: Mangnet Similar words (German):…

karmazyn:… Meaning of the word / definition: 1) historical: member of the Polish aristocracy: aristocrat, magnate Related terms: 1) magnat opposing words: 1) szaraczek, szarak ...

Tycoon: Large industrialist, large entrepreneur, magnate, mogul General terms: 1) Entrepreneur Application examples: 1) The tycoon invested in new real estate

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