Is it worth learning Hebrew in 2020?

πŸ“± Mondly test & experience 2020: is it worth the money?

The Mondly learning app is modern and surprising with a large selection languages, but do you really learn something in the process?

We have that in our Mondly test examined for you.

At the end of the test there is our real Mondly experience with Mondly Premium.

βœ”οΈ Large selection of languages
❌ No download function
βœ”οΈ Demanding
❌ Sometimes a little too quickly too difficult
βœ”οΈ Quality tasks
❌ Contains many errors
βœ”οΈ User-friendly learning environment

1. Scope of the Mondly app

The Mondly app is with plenty of languages ​​and exercises equipped for beginners and advanced.

There are around 40 lessons with about 100 words each and about 40 expressions.

That makes a total of 4000 words and 1600 expressions per language on average.

If you consider that an "uneducated" native speaker only has about 5000 words in his vocabulary, then 4000 words per language very extensive and sufficient Learning material also for a long learning period.

You can see it for yourself here. *

We have listed here which languages ​​and which categories are covered in the languages ​​→ Frequently asked questions about Mondly.

2. Ease of use of the Mondly app

The app is very clearly arranged. You can easily jump from lesson to lesson.

Even in the lessons you can learn smoothly and really focus on learning with no distractions.

The tasks can also mostly solve without problems.

The only thing you can do with it Can criticize is the writing function. This may make sense in many languages, but e.g. in Chinese / Japanese or other languages ​​with a different alphabet, you can do relatively little with a German keyboard. That is also the case Mondly chatbot the problem. The Mondly alternatives have solved that better.

More on this in the Mondly experience report. There we will also report on ours initial confusion after paymentwhich Mondly could have solved better.

There is another small deduction because you have to read the documents after the lesson can not download for printing.

3. Quality of Mondly tasks

Due to a very user-friendly environment, solving the tasks was smooth and fun, whatever a positive quality factorr figured in our Mondly test.

The tasks are very neatly structured and sensibly arrangedso that you get a good introduction to the language.

We have actual ones Successful learning with the tasks can record what positively influences our evaluation.

It is also great that one the translation of a word or can see the conjugation of a verb directly by clicking on it. We missed that at Rosetta Stone.

4. Value for money from Mondly

The Mondly app is already available for € 9.99 per month. You don't have to analyze for a long time to see that this an inexpensive offer is.

The Mondly alternatives such as Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Busuu, Duolingo and Co. require very similar prices.

If you take into account the scope that you get per language and the quality of the tasks, then this results a great price-performance ratio.

There is a 20% discount for one language * at Mondly.

Mondly experiences - 2020

I put Mondly under the microscope in our test series of learning apps and learning platforms. πŸ”

Is there Mondly for free?

Yes, but really only to sniff. If you want to get started properly, you have to pay the full Mondly costs (10 € / month).

For me, however, the sniff has perfectly sufficient to get a real impression of the platform.

One has 2 or 3 lessons per language for free available, where you can explore the process and the types of tasks.

The confusion after the payment process + solution

The payment process for the Mondly app was a bit awkward on the desktop and sometimes confusing.

After we had made our decision to test Mondly Premium for our readers, we clicked on the in the top right corner "Premium" button.

This led us to an external page called "2Checkout", through which the payment was processed.

After we paid there, it was only us a little unclear where we can get access to Mondly.

On the Mondly app we could not register and the payment provider just said we should reach out to Mondly Support for access. A little awkward.

At the end of the story, it turned out we just had have to wait.

We then got an email from Mondly and were able to log in the next day. Mondly could have communicated that a little better.

We cannot report anything about paying in the app, i.e. in the Playstore or Apple Store.

The introduction at Mondly

I liked Mondly a lot from the start. I signed up for one right away hard language decided to test how good the platform really is. Chinese...

I knew not a word of Chinese until this day except Ni Hao.

That was very interesting Function that one uses Latin lettersso that you don't have to learn the Chinese characters directly.

You can do this using the small button top right in the corner at every lesson and is one great function from Mondly.

The first lesson is called for every language "Hello" and that's exactly what it's about.

It was about Greetings and Farewells, but also standard terms such as Cat, dog, car or he, she, it.

I learned a lot in the first lesson! πŸ₯³

Will the vocabulary knowledge be retained?

Yes and no.

In my case, at least, it was me had no active vocabulary after a few days' break from studying. That means I couldn't call up the vocabulary I had learned when I wanted to.

BUT I still had a passive vocabulary, that is, I recognized the words when I saw or heard them.

However, I did not repeat the vocabulary on my own outside of the lessons.

Is suitable for this the Mondly smartphone app by the way great:

You definitely should repeat the vocabulary outside of the lessonif you want an active vocabulary.

Here we have written an entire article on the subject of learning vocabulary quickly.

Generally it may also be our one-to-one tuition with a certified language teacher is interesting as Mondly alternative or addition.

With us you can Grammar, speaking, vocabulary and learn everything else from a language in video chat πŸ“Ή and by writing togetherπŸ“.

The whole thing is available from € 18.80 per tutoring lesson and to convince yourself we offer a free trial lesson *.

You can find out more here, if you are interested: How does the Tutor Boost online tuition work?

Can you learn to speak at Mondly?

Mondly has no voice recognition function like other apps on the market.

Since we only recently had contact with the Rosetta Stone app in our test series of learning apps, we can assure you that such a function is not always necessary is and sometimes even nerve-wracking instead of helping.

At Mondly, you learn to speak by repeating what you hear, trying to sound as similar as possible. That way you can improve your pronunciation all by yourself. 😺

That works great and the Mondly conversation is a brilliant and fun experience πŸ˜‹.

During the Mondly conversation you repeat what has been said and it is recorded. The simulates a conversationwhich you can listen to in full at the end.

The fun thing is to hear yourself in the foreign language. It's best to try it out for yourself.

How demanding are the Mondly tasks?

To be honest, pretty demanding. I didn't get full marks very quickly and I often "failed" a lesson and then had to repeat this lesson. πŸ˜…

Clear, that is also part of language learning.

You really have to focus and try to remember all the vocabulary, because otherwise you sometimes won't get to the end of the lesson.

Other lessons go through the process of elimination however, very fluid.

The best way to assess this for yourself is to test Mondly. *

Either way you can't avoid learning vocabulary!

How quickly do you see learning success at Mondly?

After a few hours of learning! ⏲️

A great experience is being after a intensive learning unit with Mondly feels like you've got the expressions in your head somewhere. πŸ€”

It happened to me at the beginning that I just got a few more Expressions are on the tongue had without knowing exactly what they mean.

The meaning comes later, but for the beginning it is a great experience!

This is also because Mondly is a teaches expressions directly and not just choppy vocabulary.

At Mondly you also go up levels, which motivates and motivates you to keep learning. An approach from playful learning.

After the lesson

One function that I missed especially after the Mondly lessons was printing.

However, you can view the lesson overview by clicking the small blue button next to "To repeat" clicks.

Then you can take a screenshot and then print it out, as an alternative, for everyone who also wants to learn offline. But that could have been solved better.

Mondly alternatives

1. Duolingo

A large variety of exercises structured simply and simply. Unfortunately now only worthwhile with Duolingo Plus, but with a completely fair price € 13.99 per month.

Duolingo is a great one Mondly alternative and definitely worth a try.

Look at you this video of meto see if Duolingo is for you:

2. Babbel

The giant Babbel is not so well known in the market for nothing. There is quality behind it for a really fair price. A 24 month subscription actually costs only about 5 € per month.

For the range of languages ​​and the quality, Babbel is a real one hot candidate in the choice of the alternative for Mondly.

Here you can find free Babbel alternatives.

3. Tutor Boost

It's not a learning app, but learning languages ​​is still great with Tutor Boost. Through the One-to-one lessons via video chat and the interaction via graphics tablet and keyboard, a language can be learned from A-Z.

With a language teacher they are Then progress even faster more recognizable than with all learning apps. Individual lessons start at € 18.80. Here is your free tutoring lesson *.

4. Busuu

Not as well known as Babbel and Duolingo but on the same level as that Scope and quality concerns. Busuu * is always worth a look and poses a great Mondly alternative here is our Busuu test.

Conclusion on the Mondly test

Our experience with Mondly and our Mondly test is on the whole went very positively.

We're almost too right Mondly fans and although I wasn't particularly interested in Chinese before, I'm now actually considering continuing.

All viewed objectively Mondly offers a large scope with a very relaxed learning atmosphere and great user-friendliness.

The price is competitive and not overpriced. You can really see how much hard work has gone into all of the features.

Here you can test Mondly for yourself. *


After testing several apps (Busuu, Babbel and Co), Mondly is not our favorite in comparison. The didactic concept lags and the app has too many errors.

It doesn't quite replace a language course or that One-to-one lessons from a real language teacher, which we offer very cheaply here at Tutor Boost, but as support in language acquisition Mondly is great!

At Questions about Mondly or to our language service in one-to-one tuition, directly write in the comments :)

Frequently asked questions about the Mondly app: