How can you motivate yourself to increase sales

Employee motivation: Better working atmosphere, higher sales

Motivation cannot be measured or directly observed. The concept describes a state of being that prompts people to invest their energy and time in pursuing a goal. The higher the motivation, the more likely it is that the person will work towards the result with constant or increasing strength. So motivation is that Power that triggers behavior and keeps it on course.

The Degree of motivation depends on how effective a person considers their chosen action. Anyone who feels powerless to achieve their goal loses motivation. The action can either move towards or away from a target. The respective action is chosen according to whether one wants to achieve a positive goal or avert a negative state. Rewards and punishments partly influence motivation.

For the Causes of Motivation have held two explanatory concepts over the years. A biological-deterministic approach assumes that instincts and external influences control people. The opposite thesis declares man to be a completely free being who is able to control his motivation solely through his ability to act. Both basic ideas cannot fully cover all aspects of the topic. In modern psychology, both approaches are usually used, depending on which makes sense in the given context.

Not to be confused with motivation motive. As a term in psychology - in contrast to motivation - it does not stand for a changeable state, but for comparative stable characteristics of the human personality. It is assumed that motives usually control the general tendencies in the subconscious that shape a certain way of life. Motives are either innate (biogenic) or acquired (sociogenic).

Motivational factors can be extrinsic or intrinsic in nature.