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Why I Invest in The Home Depot:

Not that investors at The Home Depot are spoiled enough for success, the largest DIY chain in the world is increasing its current dividend by a staggering 32%. Now the fast-growing company also attracts with a 2.2% dividend yield. The Home Depot Inc. shows that things can also be different from the DIY chains in Germany (Hornbach, Praktiker).

The share continues to climb new all-time highs, and The Home Depot has been paying an uninterrupted dividend for over 30 years. On this annual basis, it is now increasing this for the 8th year in a row.

The Home Depot is a "thick ship" in terms of annual sales. Due to the high net margins, profits shot up by an impressive 10% in the past fiscal year. This shows once again how attractive The Home Depot is for long-term investors. In addition, there is more than 150% price performance in the last 5 years, which is also impressive.

The Home Depot has quality and you can see that with a high P / E ratio of 21. But quality also has its price, so I decided on a savings plan to keep getting a nice piece of the pie.

I don't see a big discount in the near future, as The Home Depot is aiming for steady growth of 5%. Parallel to the dividend increase (27% on average over the last 5 years), The Home Depot announced a new share buyback program, which does not necessarily bring prices down. The payout ratio of 45% is also optimal, so that there is enough money left over to expand.

Thus, the 2.2% dividend yield at the largest DIY chain in the world is not only a pleasure for do-it-yourselfers, but also for long-term dividend investors. Dream profits that are "ignored" by many investors because The Home Depot is not one of the "hip" US stocks like Netflix, Apple or Alphabet that haunt the trade press every day. For me, that's nice, because that Company has enormous growth potential!