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Top up prepaid credit on your mobile phone

Top up and check prepaid credit on your mobile phone
Graphics:, photo / montage: Every starting credit is used up once. In this case, the prepaid account must be topped up if the SIM card is to be used actively. Our overview shows you what options there are now.

The classic way is to buy a prepaid card in a store. Prepaid top-up cards are often available in supermarkets, drug stores, stationery stores, electronics stores and petrol stations. For some years now, independent providers have also been setting up machines where prepaid cards can be purchased around the clock. Often there is only the top-up code on the receipt and no longer a real card.

In addition, customers of some providers can also top up their prepaid accounts at ATMs. To do this, the corresponding menu item must be selected, then the amount and finally your own telephone number must be entered. The credit to be topped up will then be debited directly from the account. Some transport companies also make it possible to top up credit at their ticket machines. The operation and functionality is similar to the procedure at an ATM.

Top up prepaid credit automatically or online

Top up and check prepaid credit on your mobile phone
Graphics:, photo / montage: The account can be topped up automatically in two ways: Either the provider debits a monthly amount from the account or the credit card, or the credit is topped up automatically whenever a the credit falls below a certain limit.

In the age of prepaid discounters, internet-based top-ups are also often offered. The customer starts the loading process in the customer area and the selected amount is then debited from the account. Some providers also allow credit card payments. Such a debiting can sometimes also be started with the help of an SMS. This is often referred to as direct charging. In order to be able to use the service, the customer has to deposit his payment data with the provider.

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Another option is to transfer the money to the provider's bank account. In most cases, your own telephone number must be specified in the purpose of use - the provider will give details. The transferred amount is then automatically added to the existing balance. This method has the advantage that you can, for example, use a standing order to decide how much to pay into the account - very practical if you want to provide your children or yourself with a certain budget per month.

Not every provider offers all procedures. In the following overview you will find the respective charging options from the various providers.

Overview: How do I top up my prepaid card?