How many people ask about retro

You're planning your next one Retrospective? Start with a randomly generated process, customize it, print it out, and share the URL with others. Or just look around for new ideas!

Is it your first retro? Start here! - by Corinna Baldauf
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Retromat contains activities that allow a total of () combinations. And we're adding more all the time.

Translation by Ronald Steyer

Ronald always finds what interests him in quite a variety of tasks: change, or better: promote transformation. In order to make companies more customer-oriented and adaptable, he wants to get them excited about agile work, you can write to him.

Many thanks also to Martin Luig.

Translation by Patrick Zeising

Patrick works in a fantastic team in various roles in software development. His passion is awakened by agile methods. If there was no IT in his life, he would now be standing with his guitar in front of a microphone on a stage. You can write to him or follow him on Twitter.

Original by Corinna Baldauf

During her time as ScrumMaster, Corinna wanted something like the Retromat. Ultimately, she just built it herself in the hope that it would also help others. Do you have any questions, suggestions or encouragement for them? You can write to her or follow her on Twitter.