Darth Vader takes pain medication

What can be expected from a manufacturer that produces, among other things, black ice cream, whose development was probably inspired by Darth Vader?

Of course: a completely futuristic pain reliever that comes in "space capsules" to help the pain-plagued consumer at warp speed.

the task

Mr Hempelmann, managing director of the JNB McCann agency in Wiesbaden, carried out the briefing for this year's marketing project for grades 11.75 and 11.76 before the autumn holidays:

The trainees should develop a packaging concept for a completely new type of pain reliever and design an appealing logo. The specialty: the blister to be wrapped resembles a fleet of space capsules that declare star warfare to the pain monsters.

a hangar for the space capsules

In seven weeks, eight teams developed their concepts in Ms. Thiel's class. They examined the company and its new product. They flocked to store checks to inspect the competition's products at the point of sale. They put the target group to the test in order to collect the consumer insight. And then they developed their concealment strategies - all top secret, of course.

On 11/22 then it was time. The competing teams pitched their ideas and revealed their dummies at the end. With all their senses, Mr. Hempelmann and Ms. Thiel were able to check whether the space capsules had found a suitable home. In the feedback, Mr. Hempelmann praised the presentation skills and the creativity of the teams. And as for the future accommodation of the space capsules:

“There is definitely something suitable” were his parting words when he left school satisfied with a huge box full of booklets and dummies at around 2 pm. Probably in a space shuttle.

Hildegard Thiel
Status: 12/2012

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