Why is Loki's character so complex

Avengers Loki: Heartbroken Bully

Marvel's The Avengers opened in theaters just two days ago. The film brings together some of the world's most popular superheroes for an incredible showdown and brings together comic book greats like Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and many others. But why do so different characters come together in the first place? The reason must be extremely mean. So nasty that the mightiest avengers in the world, actually known as lone fighters, team up.

The trigger for everything is Loki - a sneaky scoundrel and tactician. Also known as Thor's brother which doesn't always make it better. But who is the man behind the vengeful God? Tom Hiddleston (31), a Brit with a lot of theater experience, plays the heroes' adversary. Promiflash met with Tom and had an exciting conversation with him, in which he revealed a lot about the inspirations for his role.

"I grew up with great bad guys," Tom told us. “I saw Jack Nicholson (75) as Joker, Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in 'Die Hard', Terence Stamp as General Zod in 'Superman'. Now I am allowed to play with the greatest superheroes, who are also embodied by the greatest actors. And the reason they got together is simply because Loki is such a mean ass. This is really an incredible honor for me! "

However, Tom also assured us that he was not particularly similar to his character. Nevertheless, he would find it incredibly exciting and complex: “I think it's great how complex Loki is. He's not just bad. His disposition is really human and complex. He's not just a crazy anarchist. He's crazy. He's also an anarchist. But his crazy anarchy just comes from being heartbroken and feeling incredibly alone. He is mentally battered, envious and lonely. His anger comes from his sadness. He becomes a particularly believable villain by being very human. For me as an actor, that's particularly appealing. "

If you want to see how Loki heats up the earth with his anger and still looks extremely human, you finally get the opportunity to do so in the cinema. "The Avengers" has been running across Germany since Thursday.

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