Why do Democrats complain about Trump

USA - Donald Trump does not want to face the truth - what options he has now

Donald Trump doesn't want to face the truth - what options he has now

The outgoing US president complains on the Internet that the Democrats robbed him of his election victory. What is Donald Trump doing now? The five most important questions and answers.

Half the country celebrates Joe Biden's victory. How does his losing counterparty react?

After his last appearance in the White House, during which President Trump declared himself the winner of the election, he went underground. He spent Saturday and Sunday on one of his golf courses in suburban Washington.

Trump spread messages on Twitter suggesting that he has not yet come to terms with the defeat. He claimed over the weekend that the Democrats had cheated on the vote count - a claim his lawyers have so far been unable to substantiate in court.

How does the litigation continue?

The Trump team has promised to file lawsuits in politically contested states like Pennsylvania starting Monday that could change the outcome of the presidential election. Alone: ​​It will be difficult for the Republicans to convince judges of their arguments. The Trump camp complains, among other things, that when the votes were counted in Pennsylvania, their representatives could not see how officials went about their jobs.

But even if a court should confirm that certain conditions have been violated, this does not mean that votes have been falsified. Trump seems to be of the opinion that the Supreme Court, in which the conservative side holds a majority, will ultimately award him the election victory. That is highly unlikely, because Biden won a majority in "blue" states like Pennsylvania as well as in "red" states like Georgia.

What if Trump doesn't admit defeat?

In theory, nothing. An incumbent president who has been voted out does not have to publicly admit defeat. But he can put obstacles in the way of his successor; for example, it is tradition that representatives of the new government meet with envoys from the old to discuss open issues. Trump could refuse that.

Why is it difficult for Trump to face the truth?

On the one hand, he does not want to damage the image of the always successful businessman that he has built up over the past 50 years. On the other hand, Trump is confronted with numerous legal problems should he lose his immunity as president.

In connection with his tax returns, he is threatened with criminal proceedings in his old place of residence, New York. He also faces civil lawsuits from women who claim he sexually molested them.

Where will Trump retire if he goes into political retirement?

The ex-president will likely retire to Florida. There he owns a property in the noble coastal town of Palm Beach, which is better guarded than his swanky apartment in Trump Tower in New York City. As a former head of state, Trump is entitled to protection from the Secret Service until his death.

In return, he is guarded 24 hours a day and is no longer allowed to sit behind the wheel of a car if he is in public, for example. Trump, as ex-president, will also receive a pension of just over $ 18,266 a month.