What is the ENIG surface

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ENEPIG surface

In addition to the surface that has been in use for a long time ENIG (E.lectroless Nickel I.mmersion Gold), colloquially "chemical gold", we have also been offering you the further developed surface since August 2017 ENEPIG (E.lectroless Nickel E.lectroless P.alladium I.mmersion Gold).

Thanks to its palladium layer between nickel and gold, this surface is ideally suited as a bondable surface for gold and aluminum wire bonding. Furthermore, this surface combines all the known advantages that are already known at ENIG. The formation of the black pad effect is also ruled out by the palladium separating layer.


gold0.03-0.08 µmn / a
palladium0.1-0.3 µm3-6 %
nickel4-8 µm7-10 %
good shelf lifehigher costs compared to ENIG
good wettability
suitable for all soldering processes
very suitable for fine pitch / SMD
very suitable for bonding

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