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Alien Exodus: The Incredible Story of a Lost Trilogy of Novels

In the great story of war of stars there are many stories that were never published, be it because a larger story threatened to get too long and some chapters had to be crossed out, as with this one KnightfallTrilogy of New Jedi Orderbecause a topic was only understood as sacrosanct very late and a mystery should not be destroyed as with the novel about Darth Plagueis or because a project suddenly no longer wanted to fit into the renewed program as with the Specter of Thrawn-Comics. Among all these stillborn tales, however, one clearly stands out, a story which, for a world that has never been more clearly defined in time and place than a "galaxy far, far away", "long ago" the beginning should be the point of origin from which everything else should proceed. Her title was Alien Exodus, and their never-told story is what legends are made of.

The Genesis of the Exodus

The year was 1994, and after a long slumber, he had war of stars carefully started to regain strength. Timothy Zahn's novel trilogy about the failed rise of the Empire under Grand Admiral Thrawn and Tom Veitchs and Cam Kennedys Dark empire with the return of the Emperor had become the starting point for a whole wave of new novels and comics related to the space saga. At the suggestion of the then head of literature at Lucasfilm, Lucy Autrey Wilson, the US science fiction and fantasy publisher wanted Ace Books jump on this path of success and therefore entered into negotiations with Lucasfilm Ltd. to bring a novel series on the way, which the background stories of the aliens from the book Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas should tell that dealt with the essence of the classic trilogy. In addition, creatures from the Ewok television films and other Lucasfilm productions should also be dealt with. The first novel of the project was supposed to be written by the Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer, who then set about writing a plot overview and two sample chapters.

It was only at this point in time that it became clear to those responsible that their project was not really suitable for war of stars wanted to fit, and so it was decided to push the project forward, but neither war of stars-To use aliens, nor set the galaxy far, far away as a setting. When Sawyer heard this, he stepped out of the further development of the series, which has now been taken over by the American author Deborah Chester. Out Alien Exodus were now the Alien Chronicles, whose three parts 1998 and 1999 under the title The Golden One, The Crimson Claw and The Crystal Eye published. Anyone who knows the backstory of this series will be familiar with the blurb of the first volume of the Alien Chronicles have their real joy, because it can hardly hide its origins:

Here is an epic from a universe far away, a saga of distant planets and peoples stranger and more fantastic than anything that has ever been seen in our world. But their goals are ours, because they fight for justice, freedom and peace. The Alien Chronicles from Lucasfilm tell a thrilling adventure that will take you to another time, to another place, where the birth of a legend is imminent ...

For several years there was no trace of Robert J. Sawyer's plot. In 2003, however, he decided to publish his - now no longer usable - material as fan fiction on his website. Be Alien Exodus-Roman should therefore be divided into two levels of action, both of which should be devoted to the history of people in the galaxy far, far, far away.

The act I - the liberation

In the main story, the prehistory of the war of stars-Universe treated. The focus of the plot is the person Cosmo Hender, a descendant of Curtis Henderson, who in American graffiti was played by Richard Dreyfuss. He lives as a slave on the planet Forhilnor and is the leader of his fellow human sufferers who are held here in bondage by a people called the Varlians. These are giant insect creatures, rule a large space empire, and set Rodians and Gamorreans as overseers. In addition to humans, the Varlians have also enslaved Bith, Ithorians, Kubaz, Ortolans, Kitonaks, Twi'leks, Mon Calamari and Sullustans, who now have to build a huge stone temple, which at the time of the story is already a thousand meters high. At a secret meeting of the leaders of the various slave peoples, it is decided to somehow dare to attempt a liberation, because all slaves are exhausted in a strange way, which cannot be explained only by overwork and poor supply.

While working for a while in the palace of the Varlian governor Kaxa, Hender learns several interesting things. On the one hand, the Varlians would have the technology and the machines to complete the temple in no time at all without work slaves. He also hears something of a plague, the changa blood rot, which the Varlians almost wiped out a few centuries earlier, from their point of view, because they failed to enslave the primitive Wookiees as their gods had asked. But above all, Hender finds a book that Human exodus, which heralds the first humans in the galaxy. Hender is immensely inspired by this story of people escaping from another group of oppressors.

After being sent back to the other slaves, he begins to forge a plan of liberation. He makes it look like the slaves who really died of overwork have succumbed to the changa blood rot. Of all the peoples on Forhilnor, only the Rodians would be immune to this plague, which is why they are now beginning to search for the causative agent of the blood rot in order to destroy their Varlian masters. At the same time, Hender and three other slave leaders are poisoning the palace's water supply, with the result that the Varlian larvae do not grow naturally and do not pupate. Although these giant larvae, which - like big children - behave stubborn and selfish, are never mentioned by name, it is clear that the Varlians have become Hutts here.

When the governor realizes that an outbreak of the epidemic could thwart his plans to take control of the Varlian Empire himself, he decides to act all the more quickly. It now turns out that building the temple was just a diversionary maneuver. In truth, the governor has tapped the slaves' power energy with a crystal in the palace to move the planet closer to the center of the star kingdom, where he wants to use the slaves as soldiers to instigate a coup. However, this planetary motion causes severe earthquakes on Forhilnor, and when Hender tries to rescue a buried slave after one of these quakes, he discovers that he is suddenly able to use the Force. His fellow slaves call him because of his telekinetic abilities, which enable him to float in the air Skywalker - Skywalker.

Because of the mutation of the Varlian larvae, the governor is firmly convinced that the changa blood rot has indeed broken out and that the slaves are infected. In a panic, he decides to take her away on board a fleet. The Rodians now believe that the Changa virus is in the palace and are therefore attacking it. Only now does the governor realize that he was tricked and that Hender and the other slaves also managed to steal the power crystal from the palace. Desperate, Kaxa sends his Gamorrean war fleet against the fleeing slave ships. But they manage to escape into the blood stars, a nearby star cluster that Hender manipulates with power to enable the slave ships to fly through. Hender overwhelms himself and dies, but his friends manage to fly to their destination, the Corellia garden world. On the deathbed, Hender names the Mon Calamari leader Ridbrek as his successor. The story ends on the main plot level with Henders wife Sallee holding her son in her arms and promising to tell the story of the Skywalkers to write down for future generations.

The act II - the enslavement

The second level of action of Alien Exodus is in the form of extracts from the so-called Human exodus tells. In this part of the story, people's origins are traced back to a lost expedition from the 25th century CE, and there are several references to George Lucas' earlier films American graffiti and THX 1138 taken.

George Lucas' THX 1138 should be the starting point of the Star Wars become

In the 25th century, the three main characters are Dale Hender (a hacker), Antonia Corelli (a space pilot) and her lover Paxton Solo (pilot of a ship named Century eagle) the leaders of an underground movement fighting against computers that have usurped control of the earth. Here, Dale discovers that the computers are going to drug people to control their emotions. Also, they want to destroy their individuality and family ties in order to finally enslave people by replacing people's names with bare serial numbers. Dale is supposed to become THX-0001.

The underground movement knows that it cannot stop the computers and therefore decides to build the comet mining ship Oort Raider to convert it into a colonial ship, with which 5000 people are to embark on a multi-generation voyage to Alpha Centauri. After the ship narrowly escaped the computer armies of the earth, the journey to Alpha Centauri begins. In doing so, the Oort Raider however, to a "cosmic vortex" that kidnaps you into another solar system in a galaxy far, far away and, as the human refugees are amazed to discover, also to another time, billions of years before our era.

Humans manage to find a habitable planet where they encounter another ship that has been sent to investigate the wormhole. This ship turns out to be a slave transporter used by a Rodian crew to carry a cargo of Bith. The Rodians also want to enslave the humans who then try to free the Bith. At that moment, Gamorrean slave hunters join in, followed by a group of Varlians. The latter gain the upper hand through their military superiority and bring both the humans and the Bith to Forhilnor, while the Rodians and the Gamorreans are demoted to overseers in the service of the Varlians. As the world that was supposed to be people's new home disappears behind them, Paxton Solo and Dale Hender look back once more and decide to name them Corellia in honor of their friend Antonia Corelli, who was killed by the Rodians. They also vow to return to Corellia one day to build a free society there.

What remains?

Corellia is still considered to be one of the first and most important human worlds in the current canon, with the origin of mankind in the current variant being traced back to the natives of Coruscant. These, however, were in turn enslaved by the Infinite Realm of the Rakata, which - an interesting parallel - was brought to its knees by a plague.

Even eerie insects from the distant past still exist, albeit in the form of killiks Dark Nest have taken a markedly different form, and eventually will be in the Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia of 2008 mentioned a people named Aaroun who actually came from the Alien Chronicles originates. Parts of the Alien Exodus-Successors seem to be canonical even at the moment.

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