What is the Tversky Intelligence Test

Amos Tversky: cognitive psychologist and brilliant mathematician

Amos Tversky was a pioneer in the field of cognitive psychology who became widely known for introducing the concept of cognitive bias. But what else is there to learn about this brilliant man and his work?

Last update: February 24, 2020

Amos Tversky was born in Haifa, Israel in 1937. He was a famous cognitive psychologist and brilliant mathematician who introduced an entirely new term to the field of psychology: the cognitive bias. As a result, scientists also consider him a pioneer of cognitivism. This is a branch of psychology that studies the mental processes associated with knowledge.

In the course of his professional career, maintains Amos Tversky a close friendship with Daniel Kahneman. Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in Economics for theories, which Tversky had also worked on. Let's go deeper below immerse yourself in the fascinating life of this brilliant thinker.

The biography of Amos Tversky

As mentioned earlier, Amos Tversky was born in Haifa, Israel. His father was a veterinarian and his mother a social worker before joining the Labor Party (Mapai). Tversky also had a sister who was 13 years older.

As a teenager, Tversky became interested in literary criticism. And not only that, because he also became the leader of Nahal, a youth movement that fought against compulsory military service. Amos Tversky later became a parachutist in the Israel Defense Forces and won a medal for his bravery.

"It's terrifying to think that you might not know something, but more terrifying to think that by and large the world is ruled by people who believe they know exactly what is going on."

-Amos Tversky-

In 1961, Tversky graduated from the Hebrew University of Jersusalem. Four years later he received his PhD from the University of Michigan and then worked as a professor and researcher in psychology and economics.

Tversky's last position was at the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences. He worked there until 1996 when he died of malignant melanoma at the age of 59.

Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman

The close friendship between Tversky and Kahneman meant that they worked together more than once. Their first joint publication was an article entitled "Belief in the Law of Small Numbers". This collaborative effort was very influential in the field of business. They then went on to collaborate on numerous other publications such as Judgment Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases and On the Psychology of Prediction.

So important was their collaboration that, upon receiving the Nobel Prize six years after Tversky's death, Kahneman said: “The work cited by the Nobel Committee was done in collaboration with Amos Tversky (1937-1996) during a long and unusually close collaboration. Together we examined the psychology of intuitive beliefs and decisions and their limited rationality. " You can read the full lecture "Maps of Bounded Rationality" on the Nobel Prize website.

Awards and recognition

Tversky's Contributions to Cognitive Psychology were of the utmost importance, which is why he received numerous awards and recognitions for his research. One of the most important was that the American Academy of Arts and Sciences selected him as a member. It also received the Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award from the American Psychological Association.

Eventually, Amos Tversky also received honorary doctorates from several universities, including the University of Chicago, the University of Gothenburg, and the State University of New York.

“Intelligence is not just about the ability to argue. It is also the ability to find relevant material in storage and, if necessary, attract attention. "

-Amos Tversky-

As you can see, Amos Tversky was a pioneer in the field of cognitive psychology. Because together with Daniel Kahneman he made significant contributions in this area. Tversky also created an intelligence test, who uses probability theory to measure how well individuals argue. This test is known as the Tversky Intelligence Test.

All of Amos Tversky's publications are interesting and accessible to both psychologists and laypeople. His concept of cognitive bias was novel and brilliant, and the way he worked with psychology and math at the same time was impressive.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating scientist and his collaboration with Daniel Kahneman, we recommend the book From the world: Limits of decision or a friendship that changed our thinkingt read by Michael Lewis.

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