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Aimed too! Dear Readers, Editorial Weitnauer Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Munich Berlin Hamburg Mannheim Rohrkrepierer, Rinnsal, Krücke - if you look at the names given in the current draft law for the Fund Location Act, you might ask yourself why nobody is doing anything. The start-up scene could hardly reflect those responsible in the Federal Ministry of Finance any more - and yet nothing is moving. In the first reading in the Bundestag on March 26, the opposition booed the draft, and even NRW Finance Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, former professor of entrepreneurship at HHL Leipzig, was a guest on site to once again clearly appeal to reason. The startup representatives who were invited to the Finance Committee hearing on April 12 did the same. Nevertheless, no one has any hope of a change before the law comes into force on July 1st. It is really sad when the government rises to the status of a start-up nation in the legal text, wants to improve Germany as a fund location and make local start-ups more attractive as employers for talented foreigners, too, with their eyes closed running in the wrong direction. In terms of employee participation, which in this country is primarily regulated with virtual shares, the current draft law creates changes that completely ignore reality and will have little effect. In our cover story you can read exactly what is currently going completely wrong with the Fund Location Act for the start-ups and their employees, and how the government could land another hit after Mathias Renz, project manager Janine Heidenfelder, editor-in-chief Fehlstart . In addition, in this issue we consider the growth fi nancings, which are still increasing in volume and number, and which forms of finance are currently in vogue. The topic of "IPO via SPAC", which Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Blättchen from Blättchen Financial Advisory highlighted in a guest article. Björn Weidehaas from the law firm Lutz I Abel gives a deeper insight into venture debt financing. From a legal point of view, things will be dealt with again with a view to the 17th amendment to the Foreign Trade Ordinance, the effects of which the law firm Görg will present. You can also read about exciting investments and the latest developments in the venture capital market in our neighboring countries in the Switzerland and Austria section. Speaking of Austria: Since April, VentureCapital Magazin has been part of the German subsidiary of the Austrian incubator media group. More about this in the box on this page or at www.vc-magazin.de. We wish you an exciting read [email protected] [email protected] Together for innovation. Together to the goal. On our own behalf / Important information for our readers On April 1st, Brutkasten GmbH became the new owner and operator of the VC-Magazin platform (VentureCapital Magazin, www.vc-magazin.de, Private Equity Flash newsletter, social media presence on LinkedIn , Twitter and Facebook) and will now continue to distribute this magazine (the content remains as usual). We are pleased to have found a partner in Brutkasten who will continue the work with the same commitment and the proven team and expand it with multimedia. Of course, you will continue to receive all familiar services and offers at the same conditions. We would be delighted if you placed the trust you have placed in us under the umbrella of GoingPublic Media AG in the future as part of Brutkasten GmbH. For this purpose we transmit your data to Brutkasten GmbH. This includes your name and address. The legal basis is Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR. If you do not agree that your data will be sent to Brutkasten Media GmbH for the purpose of continuing your subscription to this magazine, you can informally send this in writing to [email protected] without giving reasons or 089-2000339-39 by May 15, 2021 at the latest. 3 3-2021 weitnauer.net