How is the Adult Friend Finder page

1. AdultFriendFinder review: summary

AdultFriendFinder provides the world's largest online sex date search service, with a total of more than 70 million registered users. It is therefore not surprising that a few thousand like-minded people are active at the same time at any time of day or night. In addition, the offer is one of the most traditional of its kind. Founded in 1996 and consequently 20 years of existence and history. In the following, we want to get to the bottom of this question whether this story is just as successful because of its long-term nature. Because, at least in our opinion, it cannot actually be due to a high level or particularly high-quality profiles.

What immediately catches the eye after registration is the obvious excess of men. This arises quite simply from the fact that premium functions are not available for free even for women. The lack of this otherwise quite common practice in online dating means that there are only a small number of private female premium members. At the same time, however, a crowd of women who only provide their professional services for a feen (women from the horizontal trade, as well as employees of escort or webcam services).

Practical test in brief: If the AdultFriendFinder homepage still looks solid and appealing despite the clear and corresponding erotic presentation, the profiles of most users can unfortunately no longer claim that. At AFF you just find a lot of bare skin. That's too much to call the content sexy.
Functions and quality of the profiles in brief: If you accept the offer of a premium membership, there are undoubtedly diverse and varied functions and possibilities for making contact available (photos, videos, blogs and chats, as well as a lot more). At AFF, there is no way around bluntly and omnipresent sex and genital organs.
User-friendliness in brief: The help area is well structured and, above all, designed to be really helpful in keeping with the name. Customer service can be contacted quickly and easily, and an answer can be received just as quickly and easily. In this regard, the site definitely does not do justice to its partially bad image. We cannot judge at this point whether it was different before the not inconsiderable mishap regarding the loss of so numerous user data, or whether the attempt is now being made to smooth things over as well as possible.
Price-performance ratio in brief: As already mentioned, the saying “In life you get nothing for free!” At AdultFriendFinder comes into its own. Free? Free? Not binding? All foreign words and therefore also with preferential offers, at least for the female user base, there are no reports. In terms of price, the site is certainly not one of the most expensive, and in combination with what is offered, the result is at least an acceptable price-performance ratio.

2. AdultFriendFinder practical test and AdultFriendFinder experiences

The average sexually underserved man (and not only this man) should not only have their mouth watering at the sight of the home page and the user profiles presented there - of course all female. Hot, hotter, incredibly hot in combination with young, younger, incredibly young make every man's heart beat faster. And should that not be enough of the temptation, the numerous and easy-to-use tools for establishing contact do even more persuasion. Forums in which numerous partners are sought for hot sex dates - Check! Constantly overcrowded live chats including nude webcams - check!Make the after-work fuck clear on your mobile phone on the way to the office - check! BUT!! And please think about it for a moment !!! That the hot 20-year-old student from the house across the street has to upload one dirty video after the other to AdultFriendFinder, otherwise she simply won't find a man for the quick number - that is rather implausible and falls into the category "too good to be true" !

And so the user profiles displayed so freely are essentially decoys and women who earn their money by presenting themselves in this way and even more freely. And in order to locate the users hidden behind the multitude of such offers, which are really purely private and registered without financial interests, you have to invest a little more time and effort.

Image: Example for the live cam chat at AFF

Conclusion to the Adult Friend Finder practical test: As is so often the case, the cover (attractively designed homepage including heaps of attractively presented, lovingly and expectant female members) does not represent the abundance of offers that await after registration. However, if you are primarily looking for something to look at, you will certainly not be disappointed with the flood of available “nude” photos and videos.

3. AdultFriendFinder functions and AdultFriendFinder profiles

Before you start looking for the potentially even more uninhibited Austrian sex partner, you can first use the so-called Cupid settings to determine what exactly you hope to find on AdultFriendFinder (as if that wasn't somehow clear?!?) . No, joking aside, this essentially refers to specific personal preferences. In addition, it can also be determined to what extent you want to be flooded with pure sex in your search.

In other words, you can determine how open-hearted the images presented in the proposed profiles may be. For one or the other, this function may not be unrecommendable, since when creating the profiles for most users, the premise is "the more explicit, the better!" Some really turn their innermost inside out here in order to use a rather harmless but nevertheless appropriate formulation. Furthermore, a large number of detailed search filters are available, some only as part of a premium membership, which can be used to locate well-fitting profiles of other users very quickly. Or at least the existing offer.

Image: Permissive images at every point. You decide: Hot or Not!

Another good piece of advice from our side at this point is to look through the search results you get really well and not just skim over them before taking any further steps. Otherwise you can easily shoot your powder at a fake, a scam or even at the professional service providers that have already been dealt with in detail.

Conclusion on the Adult Friend Finder functions and profiles: Full of useful and extensive functions, as well as an extremely good and detailed search function, and even without having to pay for a premium account. In order to finally be able to pick the cherry on the cake from the abundance of rather deterring private and even more costly commercial profiles, you not only need time, but above all good nerves.

4. User friendliness of AdultFriendFinder

For the fact that whole hordes of almost unbearably horny Austrian sex dads can hardly wait to get to know you, the operator of the site makes it exciting before it can really start. The registration not only contains the usual information such as age and gender, but also a multi-page questionnaire that is nevertheless quickly completed.

After that, the admittedly very extensive world of AdultFriendFinder opens up. Because even without purchasing a premium subscription, you can dig through photos (sometimes very explicit), profiles, chats, groups and videos (sometimes even live) in detail and largely undisturbed. Of course, having fun without paying remains a feast for the eyes.

Anyone who needs help at some point to find their way through the jungle of unambiguous offers and sexual stimuli can save themselves with one click in the help area or with another click via a web form to contact customer service. Further contact options are not offered (the address of the only company headquarters is in the United States), nor are the terms of use and data protection provisions in German.

In the course of our trial membership, we did not experience any difficulties or problems, but the site has a not inconsiderable history of customer complaints, all of which are related to uninhibited subscriptions despite being canceled. But maybe that has improved in the meantime under the influence of the member data scandal.

Conclusion on the Adult Friend Finder usability: Despite the abundance of sensory impressions and functions offered, the platform is essentially easy to understand and use. Just don't get too distracted by the primary and secondary sexual organs constantly maneuvering yourself into the field of vision, or by flashing chat windows. If you should get lost, there is always a very well structured and complete help area as first aid. If no way out can be found there, the customer service can be contacted as a last resort. Also fairly quickly and easily using a web form.

5. AdultFriendFinder value for money

A noticeable peculiarity of the site is that, in contrast to most comparable offers, which try to increase the proportion of women by means of free premium memberships for female users and thus of course the proportion of men again, at AdultFriendFinder the Women are equally asked to pay. You could say lived equality, bad marketing as well, or just an independent concept. Without paying you can chat, write in blogs and groups, watch a live webcam show, name other users as your personal favorites and give likes for their photos and / or videos. If you want to send personal messages and view the complete profiles as well as videos of other users, then sooner or later you will not be able to avoid paying.

It should be noted, however, that the prices with regard to the offer are in any case within the framework. There is also a feature called "Auto Renew". If this is activated, a subscription also ends in good time after the originally selected term.

When it comes to subscriptions, you can distinguish between the flagship, gold membership for 15 euros per month, and cheaper variants, which, however, do not activate everything or all contacts. These are then available for 11 euros, for example. If there is not enough for the eye on the AdultFriendFinder page itself, you can also afford the small luxury of a flat rate for cinematic works with erotic content for 13 euros per month.

Conclusion on the Adult Friend Finder costs: As I said, without paying for a (but then again rather affordable) premium offer, not much is possible with AdultFriendFinder. And a lot of bare skin, as well as blunt sex, is offered in sufficient numbers on the Internet these days. And above all not only free of charge, but also without membership and the associated possible disclosure of your personal data. After activating a premium membership, however, there is an almost infinite range of functions and erotic user profiles available. Regarding their quality, however, as well as their non-commercial intent - if you have certain requirements with regard to these points, the offer is then again very limited.