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Hair Careers: How Hairstyles Work

Even in ancient Egypt, great importance was attached to the external appearance. During excavations, various care products made from sesame and moringa oil, false hair and beards were found. They play a prominent role in this hair. That's still like that. When two people meet for the first time, the hair is perceived and assessed immediately after the face and before the figure and clothing. No wonder some people spend their hours doing it hairstyle to put in the limelight. It is cut, colored, braided, smoothed and styled. Sometimes it just doesn't work out and you fight the dreaded one Bad hair day at. But no matter how we wear our hair: It affects how we are perceived by others. So the hair has (indirectly) Influence on job and career. But how exactly do which hairstyles work? Science now knows a lot about it ...

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Interesting facts about hair

Seen soberly, hair is nothing else than Horn threads - a mixture of keratin, sulfur, water and fat. Hair on the head grows around 0.2 to 0.5 millimeters a day - regardless of whether it is shaved, cut or left natural.

The hair itself fulfills various Functions: The hairs in the nose and ear as well as the eyelashes protect against intruders; the hair warms and is a sexual signaler. For example, when women brush their (shiny) hair back, they emphasize their vitality and attract the other person's attention. But that is known so far.

What You May Not Know About Hair:

  • About 5 million hairs are distributed over the entire body. Most of them, however, are barely visible.
  • The hair is made of three layers, the hair pulp in the center, the hair cortex and the cuticle, which is responsible for the shine.
  • Per day everyone loses between 50 and 100 hairs on their heads.
  • What is commonly called goose bumps known, is caused by the tiny muscles that are located at the root of the hair contracting. The fine hairs straighten up.
  • Central European hair is average 0.06 millimeters thick.
  • Redhead women have less hair. You only have 90,000 hairs on your scalp. In the middle are brunettes with 110,000 and black-haired with around 100,000. Most hair, however, has blondes with around 150,000 hairs.

Tips for beautiful hair

  • Before washing: Before washing the hair, it should be brushed out. Styling products are largely eliminated from the start and loose hair ends up in the brush instead of the drain.
  • Proper washing: Washing too often is harmful to the hair. Three washes a week is enough. To protect the hair, a hair conditioner should also be used after each wash.
  • Correct blow-drying: After washing, gently press your hair dry with a soft towel. Important: do not rub! Then blow-dry it at a low temperature, as air that is too hot can damage your hair.
  • Correct brush: Do not use plastic combs or hairbrushes. Combing with brushes made from natural bristles makes the hair shinier after combing.
  • Shiny hair: Shampoos with peach extracts provide extra shine thanks to the fruit acid contained in the kernel oils. They also contain a lot of vitamin E, which protects the hair.
  • Eliminate dandruff: In addition to various anti-dandruff shampoos, there are also home remedies that promise improvement: Massage oil into the scalp in the evening and let it work overnight. Wash your hair in the morning with a mild shampoo.

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The effect of hair and hairstyles: hair and career

The hair is one for many people Expression of personality. In contrast to the body structure, we can determine the length, cut, hairstyle and color ourselves. But that means your hair and the way you wear it have an impact on your image.

For example, a survey by the Australian hair salon chain "Bossy Hair" once revealed the following:

  • 52 percent of men and 64 percent of women stated that they achieve more and better when they are good and groomed look. So it pays to make an effort with the hairstyle in the morning.
  • Women with red hair exude the least professionalism.
  • Women who consider their hair as Ponytail Carrying them tied up seems more competent than their colleagues who have loose hair.
  • 73 percent of respondents admitted that their hair (Hairstyle, color, styling) to be included in the assessment of the professionalism of a colleague.
  • A messy hairstyle also signals chaotic features to colleagues in other areas, for example in the way of working on the job.

Of course, these are not causalities, but clichés. Mostly even unfounded. But: We can't do anything about what is going on in the mind of our fellow human beings - even if we don't like it. It's just up to them Associationsassociated with certain hair colors and hairstyles.

The psychologist Marianne LaFrance from Yale University was able to confirm the general impression that long, straight and blonde hair have the greatest erotic attraction. However, this effect on men is strongly related to other associations - like young, bright or golden like sunlight.

Blondes - whether real or fake - are always under the Suspicionto be self-centered and latently stupid.

Then there are hair fashions and hairstyle trends.

For example, were for a long time Short hairstyles frowned upon by women. They were called too boyish described. That is over today, more and more women wear short hair as a matter of course.

It is noteworthy that women with short hair are now the majority than intelligent and confident be felt.

Dark, long curls on the other hand do poorly: the majority thinks that their wearers are unsure.

The reverse is true for Men: Hold women blond men for less intelligent and attractive than dark-haired people. The Latino guy - he's consistently better off in the favor of others.

Long hair men like to be with one unconventional type associated. It is no coincidence that they are reminiscent of the hair fashion of the hippies.

Can the employer dictate how I wear my hair?

You can wear your hair however you want - unless the head of hair is one Security risk (because the braid could get into any machine) or hygiene regulations require something different.

Depending on the situation, however, the employer can also demand restraint in length and color, as is customary in the industry, for example in the case of employees in the checkout area of ​​a bank. You cannot be terminated for, for example, purple hair, but (punishable)offset.

The right hairstyle for application photos and job interviews

Regardless of whether you are an applicant - with attributes that are called typically male apply, candidates have better chances of getting the job. The Mannheim sociologist Anke von Rennenkampff found out during her doctorate through application photos.

This is even more true for women than for men. Compare them yourself different effect:

You should therefore consider the following:

  • At combed back or pinned up hair the HR managers assumed that the applicants had significantly more leadership skills than those with an open mane.
  • For men it should Beard groomed and be trimmed.
  • Don't go too shortly before the appointment hair stylist, but rather a day or two in advance. Not everyone immediately feels comfortable with the new hairstyle and that affects your self-confidence and your charisma.

No hair: what are the effects of baldness?

Hair loss is a typical one male problem And so far it looked as if there were only disadvantages in the job: For example, bald wearers are less likely to be able to be creative at work, scientists from Saarbrücken found out.

And applicants with Half bald or bald head Invitations to interviews were significantly less frequent on their application photos.

In addition, the test subjects rated them as less career-oriented a. In response, many men choose a so-called Fold up hairstyle - and comb your (remaining) hair over the bald spots. Brrr.

It is unnecessary for this: because as studies show, he has Bald head in your career too advantages.

For example, according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, men with bald heads are often affected by those around them more dominant and successful than other men.

Albert Mannes, a management professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a bald man himself, came up with the idea for the study after he himself was only a few in his mid-30s Head hair had shaved off completely.

He wanted to investigate the matter more closely and presented a few Experiments on: Again and again he showed his around 60 test persons manipulated pictures of men with different hairs - from full hair to shaved bald head.

It was always the same men, of course - only their hairstyles were changed with Photoshop. The participants should now assess the men, theirs attractiveness as well as their supposed leadership qualities, their strengths or self-confidence.

The result: The bald heads were consistently classified as more dominant, more self-confident and masculine - compared to taller men with full hair as much as 13 percent stronger.

However: the bald head should be correct. So were Half bald men promptly classified as unattractive and weak in the study.

This is also confirmed by studies by the psychologist Ronald Henss from Saarland University. Then act Bald men are not only more powerful, but also more intelligent.

In the worldwide study with around 20,000 test subjects, the men were bald estimated rather older than they were, but also classified as enormously wise and intelligent.

Exactly these Psychoeffects can also be used for your own benefit - in salary negotiations, for example, or for your next promotion.

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