Also sings the music production

Have your own songs produced.

you write songs themselves and would like to record a song and have it produced, but have little prior knowledge of arrangement, recording or music production? As experts in music production, we enable you to exclusive and professional song production Your song idea. With the sound and arrangement you want.

How does the song production work?

They deliver the Basic idea of ​​your own song and we take care of the arrangement, the instrumentation, the import, recording as well as mixing and mastering. In order to get an idea of ​​how the song should sound, we need your ideas and wishes regarding style, arrangement and sound - best of all, let us Reference songs (e.g. well-known songs and artists via YouTube links) on which the song should be oriented. All styles of music and sounds are conceivable here, so that something very innovative can also be created based on your song idea.

Who sings my song

It is not a problem if you do not want to or cannot sing yourself. We are looking for one suitable voicethat fits your song perfectly.

Do I get help with writing?

If texting is not your forte, you can choose one according to your needs Have your own lyrics written. You provide the topic, style and other keywords. In this way we can ensure that the song corresponds as closely as possible to your ideas.

How does my song sound like then?

The great thing about our service is that you can contact us after your request non-binding audio sample received from production. This gives you an idea of ​​what the song will sound like. Only when you like this excerpt will there be a collaboration and you can have the entire song produced. Later in the production process, you will always have the opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions for corrections so that your own song will sound exactly as you imagined it in the end.

Have a song produced, is that affordable?

Yes, such a production is available from 400.00 euros.