How can I get around these internet restrictions

Bypass internet blocks in a flash

Some websites on the Internet are specifically not accessible to certain users or their content is blocked. For example, not every YouTube video can be started in Germany. We'll show you how to bypass such Internet blocks and which tools can help you with them.

The video portal and other media websites such as or can be accessed worldwide, but unfortunately not all content is available everywhere. Occasional blocked Internet pages are also not loaded at all by the browser.

The reason for this: IP bans. These deny PC users whose devices are not connected to the Internet via a nationally authorized IP address from accessing selected content. In Germany, for example, many YouTube videos simply do not start. Instead, the user receives a warning message.

In the case of numerous music videos, only the text "Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it could contain music for which GEMA has not granted the necessary music rights." We'll show you how to bypass this and other web blocks on the Internet and get guaranteed access to every website worldwide. As an example, we use the Madonna video “Celebration”, which is blocked in Germany.