Why is traditional media called traditional

New and Traditional Media - What is it?

Characteristics of the new media

The new media will too new information carriers called. you transfer data, such as pictures or e-mails in digital form and to grab to this to. Overall, you can five characteristics differentiate that are important for the new media:

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1. The information carrier is active yourself: This means that the new media can use some of the information they have saved themselves.

For example, imagine you're looking for a recipe on the internet and you find a delicious cake. The computer can now continue your search to a certain degree to become active yourself. Because depending on what you are looking for next, "the computer" can make suggestions, for example where you can buy ingredients cheaply. The computer becomes through it active yourself

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2. The information carrier is interactive: This means that communication works in two directions. With the help of the new media, both Data sent as well as receive data become.

The new media can thus be both sender and recipient.

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3. The information carrier is placeless and timeless: That is, the information from any place at any time Are available.

In other words: New media can do both at the same time Storage and transmission medium be. You can call up the stored information regardless of the time of transmission.

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4. The information carrier networked with other information carriers: That means that with the help of the new media information among themselves exchanged and to new ones Information processed can be.

Now let's take a look at this website. Both the text and a video with explanations are available to you. This will make three different ones Forms of representation used: text, image and sound. In general, the forms of presentation of information on websites mainly includelyricalacoustic (hearing) andoptical (seeing) plane.

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5. The information carrier is multimedia: It is possible to get information with help different forms of representation to be made available at the same time.

As you can see, the new media can be described in terms of various characteristics. Summary, one can say:

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New media are self-active, interactive, timeless and timeless, networked and multimedia.

Characteristics of traditional media

The traditional media arenot interactive. You just havea way of conveying information. For example, the radio broadcasts information (music) while the listener is receiving it. Who is the recipient and who is the sender cannot be changed. In contrast to the new media aretraditional media tied to the time. The sent data can only during transmission be received. They can only be storage or transmission media, but not both at the same time.

Traditional media are:

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  • radio
  • Satellite television
  • Print media (books, magazines, etc.)

Now you know the most important thing about new and traditional media and share your new knowledge with ours tasks testing. Have fun!