Is iOS an open ecosystem

A current overview of the available smartphone operating systems

Market leaders, underdogs and long-forgotten sizes

The smartphone market has undergone major changes over the past few years, as old giants like Nokia have almost completely disappeared from the market. The market is currently clearly dominated by Google and Apple. This article is intended to give an overview of the currently available smartphone operating systems or ecosystems, because the operating system is only part of the big picture. The available platforms, devices and apps are particularly exciting.

Current smartphone operating systems

With iOS, Apple has an operating system on the market that is marketed exclusively on its own devices and can therefore definitely be seen as a closed system. Meanwhile, not only smartphone operating systems such as iPhones run with it, but also iPads, the Apple Watch (watchOS), iPods, Apple TV and Apple's system for the car, called CarPlay.

The first version for the iPhone was released in 2007 with iOS 1.0 and the development has now reached iOS 10.1. The App Store currently includes around 2 million apps for iPhone and iPad.

With a current distribution among smartphone operating systems of 15.0% (Germany, September 2016), iOS is not the operating system with the greatest distribution, but Apple is clearly the manufacturer with the highest market penetration.

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