How can I test my computer monitor

Monitor testing made easy - with the clever online Eizo monitor test tool

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Do you want to test your monitor? Check the quality of your monitor quickly and easily with the Eizo monitor test.

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Have you purchased a new or used monitor? Do you want to test the monitor as quickly and easily as possible? Then we may have a really good tip for you! Because the well-known manufacturer EIZO, which specializes in the manufacture of monitors, continues to offer an extremely high online serviceuseful and effective toolthat you can use to test your monitor. By the way, the tool is free and you don't even need to register or log in in any way. We therefore find that absolutely exemplary!

What does the test offer you?

With this test you can very easily check your monitor for pixel errors, for example. We think the test is also ideal for comparing two monitors. Of course, you cannot professionally calibrate your monitor with such a test alone. But you can track down possible problems or, on balance, determine how well your monitor performs in the test. The response time is tested in the same way as the quality of the progression display, the color differences, the quality of the text display and much more.

You can do this online at any timeon the EIZO websitecall. In the following, more than one Internet connection is not required. You don't need to install any software either, it's a purely online tool.

By the way, you can test and check any monitor if you want - it doesn't matter which manufacturer it comes from.

Good to know: EIZO is one of the most renowned manufacturers of professional monitors for graphic artists and photographers. Accordingly, these monitors are also in demand. Unfortunately also expensive. We from but always sell used and affordable monitor models from this company. If you want, you canlook in our shop, maybe you will find what you are looking for.

You can check the following properties of your monitor with the EIZO monitor test:

  • Monitor test pattern
  • Pixel failure test
  • homogeneity
  • Color differences
  • Gradients
  • Text display
  • Point of view
  • Gamma value
  • Response time test


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