What is neon


Neon with the chemical symbol Ne is a noble gas (periodic table atomic number 10). Like all other noble gases, neon is in the 8th main group or, according to the new classification, group number 18.Non is 18.2 ppm in the air (for comparison, helium 5.246 ppm, krypton 1.1309 ppm, argon 0.934 vol %). Neon is extracted from the air by means of air separation plants (liquefaction plants). After cleaning, neon is produced up to a quality of 5.0 (corresponds to 99.999%). At room temperature, neon is gaseous, colorless and odorless.

A total of 19 isotopes are known of neon, 3 of which are part of the natural neon isotope mixture.

isotopeAtomic massproportion of
Natural neon isotope mixture:20,179100 %
Ne isotope 20Ne19,9924490,48%
Ne isotope 21 Ne20,993850,27%
Ne isotope 22Ne21,99149,25%

Neon is used for:

  • Filling gas for fluorescent tubes, glow lamps and gas discharge lamps.
  • Filling gas in lasers (helium-neon laser).
  • Neon can be used in a mixture with oxygen as breathing gas for divers.
  • Use as a refrigerant in liquid form.

Noble gas compounds

Noble gas compounds are currently only known from krypton, xenon and radon. Research is being carried out on compounds with argon and neon. Inclusion compounds in which the noble gas atoms are only weakly bound are not considered noble gas compounds.

All noble gas compounds are very strong oxidizing agents that tend to break down into the elements. Many of these compounds are unstable or only stable at low temperatures.


gasNeon, Ne
Critical pressure26.54 bar
Critical temperature44.403K
Density at the critical point484 kg / m3
Triple point pressure0.433 bar
Triple point temperature24,544K
Boiling point at 1.013 bar27.10 K
gasNeon, Ne
Molar volume Vm at 0 ° C, 1.01325bar [m3 / kmol]22,263
Molar mass M [kg / Kmol]20,179
Special gas constant Ri [J / kgK]412,03 *
Density at 0 ° C, 1.01325bar [kg / m3]0,90
specific heat capacity Cp at 0 ° C ideal state [kJ / kgK]1,03
specific heat capacity Cv at 0 ° C ideal state [kJ / kgK]0,61797 **
ᵡ = cp / cv at 0 ° C, ideal gas state1,667 ***
  • * Ri was calculated on the basis of Rm and M Ri = Rm / M
  • ** cv was calculated Cmv = Cmp -Rm; Cmp = M * cp; M * cp-Rm = Cv; cv = cp - Rm / M
  • *** ᵡ was calculated ᵡ = cp / cv


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