What are the cons of iOS 10

iPhone advantages and disadvantages for you at a glance

Why are iPhones so popular?

There are several reasons for the cult around iPhones. Probably the most significant aspect is that Apple's founder Steve Jobs was a pioneer when it comes to smartphones as we know them today. He was the pioneer who made the smartphone what it is today. Even if many other manufacturers and creative minds were involved, he is probably the most famous tinkerer who many people remembered to this day.

Another reason for the popularity of iPhones is the strong influence it has on the brand. An Apple brand smartphone is considered to be of high quality and expensive. It is a respected branded product, which is automatically said to have qualitative properties, whether they are correct or not. An equally common reason given for the popularity of iPhones is that user-friendly operating system. Once you get used to Apple's software, you will initially have problems finding your way around an Android phone.

Pros and Cons - The iPhone Advantages

One of the advantages of the iPhone is clearly its ease of use. iPhones are easy to use and can be handled well even by people without any prior knowledge. Another plus point for Apple is the operating system. iOS runs reliably and offers sufficient security. Since Apple delivers everything from a single source, the interaction between software and hardware is almost perfect. That means: the apps are optimally tailored to the operating system and hardware. iOS doesn't just stand out speed off, but also through the high security. Apple provides a customized system update at regular intervals. Also useful: iOS not only works on the smartphone, but can also be used on the iPad. You can save all the data on your smartphone on the laptop and conveniently Transfer to any other Apple device. Especially those who use several Apple devices can simplify the workflow between their iMac, iPhone and laptop. With the help of iCloud, documents can be easily transferred and quickly opened and edited on any device. The design also plays an important role for many users. Tastes are different, but in surveys, the iPhone usually does well in terms of layout and design.