Can rust gold


Gold has been the symbol of wealth and power since time immemorial. To this day, the unique precious metal has lost none of its incomparable magic on people. Gold is rare and therefore precious and is considered the king of metals. Because gold does not rust, nor does it oxidize. This enables gold to retain its color, its shine and its texture - forever and ever. That is why gold rings are preferred to be exchanged at weddings.

Gold is offered in different qualities / carat. Carat is the unit of measure for the fineness of gold. 750 (18 carat) and 585 (14 carat) gold is predominantly used in jewelry production. 750 gold (18 carat) consists of 750 parts of pure gold as well as silver and / or copper parts. It is often combined with other alloys such as zinc or tin. 375 gold (9 carat) and 333 gold (8 carat) are also used to make jewelry, but the latter is only available in Germany.

By adding additional metals such as silver, palladium and copper, the high-quality gold alloys can take on different colors. In addition to yellow gold, white and red gold are particularly popular.

Color gilding
It sometimes happens that a gold pendant is not the same gold color as the necklace. Each supplier uses a different gold alloy, which can also differ in the surface treatment. Therefore color deviations are normal. The only difference lies in the different composition of the alloy. In such a case, we have the option of having both articles color gold-plated in the studio so that there are no longer any color differences. This is only possible with yellow gold jewelry.