Should be darts in the Olympics

Darts WM 2020: "Then I say: fuck off": Darts boss doesn't want to go to the Olympics

Participation in the Olympic Games - that is not only the dream of most athletes, but also of officials. If a sport is accepted into the Olympic circle, it promises worldwide attention, more sponsorship money and in the end even some young Olympic fans try their hand at a sport that they saw on TV for the first time. In 2020 in Tokyo, for example, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing will be there for the first time.

Whether darts will ever be Olympic - that is currently very much doubted. There are voices calling for this - including those of world number one Michael van Gerwen. But while other association presidents would polish all Olympic torches ever carried to participate in the Olympics, that leaves the darts bosses cold.

The stars of the darts scene have long been millionaires

Because the public and money - darts sport has long since had that. Millions of spectators cheer when the arrows are thrown for the World Cup crown between Christmas and New Year. The stars of the scene have long been millionaires thanks to lavish prize money. The German Werner von Moltke, managing director of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), was recently quoted as saying that he didn't think this would fit: "We don't need it, it is not necessary." One can imagine von Moltke with this statement while filing his fingernails bored.

The 49-year-old becomes more passionate when it comes to a detailed justification: "I see the Olympics as a crime against athletes, that is exactly the opposite of what we do. There 10,000 athletes fight, earn ten billion and the athlete does not end up with anything , nada. It's the greatest injustice in life. " Olympia does not bring any sport forward.

The darts boss is not in the mood for the IOC rogues

World association chief Barry Hearn is even clearer. Another thing worries him about this Olympic number: He fears that the party event will turn into sterile arrow throwing. Without a party, without carnival costumes and without alcohol. The 71-year-old's announcement: "If the IOC says to me that you can be an Olympic sport tomorrow, but there is no more alcohol because we want it to be, then I say: Fuck off. We are just ordinary people who want to spend a nice evening. " In fact, the gentlemen of the IOC have not yet been known as party animals. And Hearn obviously has no desire for these snobbies: Darts is "the only sport in the world that has a real party". And a good party is sometimes worth more than Olympic gold.