What is the next business trend

The 5 most important megatrends for companies in the 2020s

The 12 megatrends that the Zukunftsinstitut has defined are, so to speak, avalanches in slow motion. They turn entire industries upside down and permeate all areas of life. Unlike trends that only take effect for a few years, megatrends last for several decades.

Each of these 12 megatrends is shaping our society and economy, but there are differences between the individual megatrends in terms of their importance for individual areas. This can change. One or the other megatrend can gain or lose influence due to certain developments, or new megatrends can also establish themselves.

For companies, 5 of the 12 megatrends will be particularly important in the near future, the 2020s.

  • Customization

    Today, the megatrend of individualization is still very much selfish. In the future, however, it will increasingly rely on tribes, community and collective intelligence. Individualization is changing and is expressed in a new we culture. Communities, collaborations and collaborations come into focus instead of the self. For companies, this has an impact on the way in which teams work together and how organizations are run.
  • Silver Society

    Everything is focused on new technologies at the moment. The aging society is therefore in the shadows and is completely underestimated. But even if pro-aging is currently still underperforming, entrepreneurs are well advised to tap into this potential. The Silver Society means a recoding of the economy that will show itself clearly in the next decade. People in the second half of life have a different view of performance, growth and innovation than younger people. In addition, they assess processes in companies differently, what is important and right. These veterans are an incredible wealth of experience and a haven of serenity. The aging of society is largely seen as a problem, but it can, especially in companies, contribute to its vitalization.