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You really don't have to introduce today's band! They belong to the absolute world power of Power Metal, to the best that Sweden's music scene has produced and have simply been awesome for 21 years! Nearly no grass grows where they occur, as they kick off real waves of enthusiasm! Their live shows are legendary and one of the most visited and, I would say, most popular in the metal sector! Once you've heard this band, you're either in love with it or can't do anything with them! There's nothing in between! Buckle up for Swedish omnipotenceSabaton

Joakim Brodén and his colleagues have been giving us great albums, hits for the ages and everlasting goosebumps since 1999! There have of course been some line-up changes over the years, but it should be noted that Sabaton always appears as a unit and all members have stayed on board for a correspondingly long time! In addition to Joakim, guitarist Oskar Montelius (until 2012), second guitarist Rikard Sundén (until 2012), bassist Pär Sundström (still an integral part of Joakim to this day) and drummer Richard Larsson (until 2001) were involved in the founding. In addition, Daniel Mullback (2001 - 2012) and Robban Bäck (2012) were represented on drums as well as Daniel Myhr on keyboards (2005 - 2012) and Throbbe Englund on guitar (2012 - 2016). In addition to Joakim and Pär, the band is currently joined by Chris Rörland (guitarist since 2012), Tommy Johansson (since 2016, second guitarist) and Hannes van Dahl (since 2013, drums). Pär already played in a four-piece band when he was at school, but it only really got into the water when Joakim joined them. In 1999 the band Aeon was formed with the rest of the founding members, and shortly thereafter it was renamed Sabaton. Until 2005 and toPrimo Victoria At times Joakim was also active on the keyboard, after the release the aforementioned Daniel Myhr took over this position until 2012. In 2006 Sabaton was withEdguyas their support on the way, which should have pushed their level of awareness a lot. A tour followed in 2006Shade Empire, to then already a year later as support fromTherionandGrave Diggerto be on the go! In that year the debut album was also releasedMetalizer in a double pack with the demoFist for Fight. The album was already recorded in 2002, but was not released until 2007. The songs have been restored and the sound has been significantly improved. Two new songs were also included, but three old ones were removed. At that time they also played their first headlining tour. Since November 2009 Sabaton have been a permanent member of Nuclear Blast. A year later they were nextCoat of Arms the first four albums in newly recordedRe-Armed Released versions. Each of these four albums was equipped with additional bonus material in the form of bonus tracks and videos. The last work was published in 2016The Last Stand

The current masterpiece has been since 07/19/2019The Great Waravailable for you, which was again provided with a monumental, incisive artwork! What this time is about should be known to everyone by now: the First World War! If you don't know the album yet, go on a journey into the past with me!

Let's go withThe Future of Warfare, which is introduced with a decisive, interesting narrative by a speaker. Then roaring, orchestral, dark Power Metal breaks loose! Dark choirs, massive roar, Joakim's dark chanting, infernal refrain. The opener provides the ideal theater of war atmosphere and blows a massive attack! Monumental entry! This is followed by theSeven Pillars of Wisdomwhich are also introduced by the narrator. Here Sabaton act as we have loved them from the beginning: fast-paced, hymn-like, creepy, melodic, gripping, deeply striking, with Joakim's powerfully striking clear vocals. Great atmosphere, bright, energetic, thrilling, truly stunning! Simply SABATON! Also at82nd All the Way, the song that almost everyone should know by now, also through the cover ofAmaranth, the narrator must not be missing. Melancholic, anthemic, incisive, powerful, creating fat goose bumps, deeply striking, just stunning. One of THE all new live anthems from the guys!The Attack of the Dead Men however, it acts significantly differently. Funeral march, melancholic, orchestral, deeply striking, dragging forward, gloomy, yet hymnal and powerful. It quickly becomes clear what this is about. I am always fascinated by how aptly and powerfully the guys implement the themes musically! To get a sample from aBlack HeavenUse Song as an example to get even the last one on the right track:The miracle weapon, however, was a nerve gas ... Thematically, they are allowed toDevil Dogs of course not missing. The dogs of war, who ceaselessly pull at their chains with foam at their mouths. Orchestral catchiness, martial tempo, infernal roar, incisive choirs, Joakim's commander-in-chief chant. Just powerful! Even the goosebumps have goosebumps! Afterwards there is a single:The Red Baron! As fast as an arrow, dashing forward, rolling everything down in its path, extremely powerful, sweeping, short and crisp. What is meant here, of course, is Manfred von Richthofen, German officer and fighter pilot in the First World War. In this war he was the only pilot to achieve the highest number of aerial victories. The nickname Red Baron goes back to the red paint on his aircraft. Also the followingGreat War is a single. Almost everything that you need to know is summarized here. The narrator summarizes the most important facts at the beginning. The tone becomes much sharper, Joakim's voice cuts like razor blades. Extremely dark, massive, orchestral, powerfully dragging, melancholy, reminiscent of the extremely high number of victims. Monumental! Almost ten million soldiers were killed and around 20 million wounded, and the number of civilian casualties is estimated at a further seven million.In the German Reich, 13.25 million men did military service in the course of the war; 2 million of them died. The Russian Empire had recruited about 12 million men for military service, of whom 1.85 million died. Of the almost 8.1 million French drafted, 1.3 million (≈ 16%) did not survive the war. The British Empire had deployed a total of around 7 million soldiers, of whom 850,000 did not return from the war. Austria-Hungary counted around 1.5 million dead (≈ 19%) with 7.8 million soldiers, on the Italian side there were almost 700,000 with 5 million soldiers. The proportionally largest losses suffered Romania, Montenegro and Serbia: Of 700,000 Serbian soldiers around 130,000 died. Overall, Serbia lost around 11% (around 540,000 people) and Montenegro 16% of its population due to the war.Just so that you have exactly the numbers in front of your eyes again ... It followsA ghost in the trenches. It becomes anthemic again, powerful, orchestral, as fast as an arrow, incisive, rousing. Just as if the tanks would hit again. Just overwhelming!Fields of Verdun. The tone becomes sharper again and this single is just as sharp as it was back then in Verdun. The Battle of Verdun was one of the longest and most costly battles of the First World War between Germany and France. The attack by German troops on the Feste Platz Verdun began on February 21, 1916 and ended unsuccessfully for them on December 19, 1916. You can imagine that the song is structured accordingly ... We come to one of the most important songs on the record and one of the most important topics of all:The End of War to end all the Wars! It's also the piece that stands out the most. Soft, deeply sad keyboard passages, orchestral droning, extremely dark, militant, dominant, rearing, hellishly dark, vocal masterpiece, epic, monumental, everything burns down! Just a monument to Swedish metal history and one of the most important songs on the subject, in my opinion! With that we are, SORRY, SORRY, at the end again * sniff * But there is a finale that Sabaton has never seen before, as far as I can tell: a children's choir carries onIn Flanders Fields in front! Is there anything more heartbreaking ?! Then your heart opens up, it would literally burst in your chest! Just a great end to this mammoth work!

Conclusion: In my eyes this is, even if for me all previous Sabaton works are timeless and powerful, the most monumental, epic album of the Swedes so far, the most closely related to the topic! I have to say that I haven't been a fan of the band for a long time. I just couldn't start singing beforehand until it grabbed me! I listened carefully and understood why Joakim Brodén sings like that. From that moment it became one of the world's best bands for me personally! The fact that Sabaton manage to give history and soldiers a musical legacy time and again that is so memorable, reflects topics very closely and is simply stunning, fascinates me every time anew! Every single member, in the past to this day, is a true master of their respective instrument and manages to get to the point to implement the issues accordingly in a forward-looking and decisive manner! Great riffs, timeless melodies, memorable atmospheres, true apt lyrics and a front man who knows how to convey his emotions and feelings like a sergeant! All of this results in a monumental mix that is really unique in this form! For this they deserve a lot of respect and thank you! In addition, I have to say that despite their successes, the gentlemen have never become arrogant, superficial. That too is to be given great credit to them! Visually, lyrically, musically, everything is adapted to the themes! I would like to end with one of your most memorable lines from 40: 1:Always remember a fallen soldier - Always remember, fathers and sons at war ...


Your Crow King

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVWEb-At8ycBismarck(unfortunately not on the album, but this single has to be included here!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP8G-LwWNn0Fields of Verdun

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkbG39-T4H0The Great War


Under this link you can find all the official lyric videos for the album, which I can only warmly recommend!